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So Sherlock was a thing that happened.

S4 was both worse and better than I'd hoped, especially since I'd thought The Abominable Bride was a hideous mess. They tried some effects they really, really didn't have the budget for and were laughably, extremely bad as a result. Some of the powerful acting moments were actually powerful. Some of the writing/action was godawful and unbelievable (John's reaction to *spoiler* at the end of episode 1 was to basically do nothing medically speaking? Sorry, for an army doctor that was OOC to me) some was amazing. The zillion of ACD nods were cute/fun, if sprinkled a tad too overzealously. The ending worked just fine as a ending for the show in general if they chose not to make more episodes. It didn't really spark a new fannish interest in the show for me, but at least (unlike CA:CW) it didn't sour anything for me either so that's something at least.

Timeless and Lucifer return tonight. *crosses fingers they'll be decent*

Grimm has been pretty much a huge mess, but I am enjoying Sleepy Hollow's direction.

I did catch up with Legends of Tomorrow but I'll probably be giving the rest of the season a pass. I loathe both Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn, I really wish DCTV would just remove them from the canvas. *sigh*

Dusty has taken to worming under blankets on the couch before falling asleep, causing minor heart attacks when suddenly the pile of blankets next to you sneeze or start to purr or snore. Cats. What can you do.
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So, due to the extreme cold we decided to get Molly a coat. (Not the best picture, sorry, she refused to pose.)

She, unfortunately in a way, really loves said coat and as a result she wanted to go on a REALLY LONG WALK today, despite it being around -7F. Yay and ugh?
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I've just finished backing up my LJ to dreamwidth, not really due to any fears of where LJ's now based but rather because I'd been meaning to do it for a while. Overall, my friendslist/reading page are fairly sparsely populated of late, a lot of folks seem to have moved on and out of fannish circles, but I figure be the change you want to see and all so here I am, posting.

Post-Yuletide means a massive drop in fannish activity for me. I thought about signing up for but despite the tiny commitment (300 word fic) but, as a mostly gen writer I'm finding the whole "'Character A/Character B' is shipfic while 'Character A & Character B' is genfic" thing a bit offputting and hard for me. What counts as / vs &? Is implied pairing good enough? Fade to black? etc. Looking at the letters posted I'm also finding I don't know very many fandoms and almost no prompts I could treat, let alone risk being assigned. *sigh*

I've dropped more shows out of a lack of caring/inertia. Wednesdays were problematic since Blindspot, Arrow and Lethal Weapon were all on at the same time. With cable and onDemand, it was easy to watch the two I missed the next day but I realized I'd no real desire to catch up on the Arrow or Blindspot episodes I'd missed. I skimmed the episode summaries and... yeah. Little to no interest. I might pick Arrow back up again eventually, we'll see. I also randomly missed the last Legends of Tomorrow episode and haven't bothered to catch up either. If I drop that show too it'll mean I've dropped all of CW's DC shows. I really want to like those shows, but there's just so much about them that just makes it difficult. *sigh*

I am still loving Lethal Weapon though. (Found family + broken character? Yes, please!) Lucifer introduced an clever twist before breaking in December so it'll be interesting to see where that goes and Timeless is... still Timeless? (Overall mostly enjoyable, but with plot problems if you stop to think about it). Sleepy Hollow and Grimm return on Friday. I'm watching Grimm mostly because it was announced it was the final season so I decided to stick it out (not the best reasoning, I know) and I'm curious where Sleepy Hollow goes with the changes they introduced at the end of S3 so I'm provisionally looking forward to that.

MN is in a cold snap again, with highs in the negatives (Fahrenheit). Most of the time I like it here, but right now, not so much. Molly (the dog) does not approve of it either. I also pulled something shoveling a few weeks ago and it's still kind of achy. Getting older sucks. Do not recommend. (Well, it's better than the alternative, I suppose, but I want my holospray and magic-light-beamy-fix-you-up technology already.)

Considering all the doom and gloom political news that have been dominating the airwaves of late, I can say I'm proud of my state for having elected the first female Muslim and Somali-American legislator in the US, Ilhan Omar, who was sworn into the MN state senate on Tuesday. She's both a refugee and immigrant and the second person ever to be sworn in holding the Quran (the first being MN's Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim U.S. congressman). (picture of the swearing in and a picture of the HUGE Quran she used) Yay Minnesota!
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I'm going to try to do more than just a list this year, we'll see how it works.

Yuletide blatherings, writing processes and thinky thoughts.... )

Overall, I'm really happy with how Yuletide turned out this year. I got an awesome fic (Longstreet/Nero Wolfe crossover!!! Woot!) and wrote just over 26k worth of stories and most of the recips commented and seemed to really like their fics so success all around!! :)

Yuletide Ficlist (all 17 of them!) )
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Happy holidays/Winter/Whatever to one and all! I hope you're having a great whatever you're celebrating.

It's raining here (wtf, MN, it was -28F last weekend, possibly even colder after windchill, and now it's 38F and raining?). And I am working my way through the Yuletide collection.

I got an AMAZING FIC. It's a crossover between Nero Wolfe and Longstreet!! (How awesome and surprising is that?) called French Fish and a Nice Dish and is utterly wonderful and everyone should read it and heap praise upon it.

I wrote a bunch (12 fics in the main collection and 5 in madness). As always, I feel they show terribly obvious signs that they are mine, but oh well, what can you do? I'll make a post linking to them post reveals. There's a ton of great fic there, so if you have some time GO READ.
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So a few weeks ago son and I discovered a rather, shall we say, questionable item at the grocery store

We had a good laugh over the sheer wtfery of it.

Then I made the mistake of sending him to pick up a few things on his own. The following is now being made in my kitchen....

(He's taking them to a friend's house where a group of them are going to consume and mock them.)

(The gummy bears' colors keep getting brighter, I am teetering between scared and disturbed.)
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In news of the awesome in nature, faikit on AO3 has translated my MCU fic "Old Dog, New Bun" into Russian!

Oddly enough, my one semester of Russian twenty-mumble years ago isn't enough for me to be able to read it, but it looks awesome and I'm super thrilled they liked my story enough to do a translation of it. If you know any Russian please go take a look at "Старый хот-дог, новая обертка" and drop them a comment or kudos!
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I wrote this up for the pimping post, but I figure I'll put it here too.

This year I'll be nominating Longstreet, a tv show from the early 70s starring James Franciscus as insurance investigator Mike Longstreet who was blinded in the explosion that killed his wife. Despite the qualms of his friend and boss, Duke Paige, Mike insists on continuing his work with the aide of his guide dog, Pax and assistant Nikki Bell.

The show is somewhat famous due to Bruce Lee's guest starring role as Li Tsung who, after saving Mike from a beating in the first episode, teaches Mike how to defend himself using Jeet Kune Do (in fact, this is the title of the first episode, "The Way of the Intercepting Fist").

Why you might like it: Do you like stories of people succeeding despite adversity? What about characters who learn to rely on others? Adorable guide dogs? 70's clothing and a lot of jazz? Then this show is for you!

Where you can find it: Unfortunately the series isn't available on DVD in most places but, for the moment anyway, it is available on youtube here.
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So I decided to make sure to grab the donutsweeper name there and created a comm to do so and wound up with a ton more invites so if anyone out there is still interested in checking out the site just head on over to and you can get one and see for yourself what the site is like.

My overall impression, honestly, is it's still VERY in beta and a bit clunky. The staff is incredibly open to questions and concerns though, and there is a lot of back and forth as to what's working and what needs improvement. Overall it's still kind of quiet, but that might just be on the comms I follow, some have thousands and thousands of members so I assume there's more going on in them. I've high hopes for a few comms, there's FANDOM_DEALER which is hoping to become the new place for fandom recs ala [ profile] crack_van and a ton of writing/prompt ones as well as the drabble challenge one I mentioned in the last post. So who knows, maybe it'll become the new platform everyone will use.

Only time will tell.

I am curious what other people who've checked it out think though!


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