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Title: When the Deal is Done
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Brimstone fandom, none, rated G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Zeke completed his mission. Now what?
Author's Note: Written for writercom100 and comment_fic.

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Suddenly, there was a hand on his shoulder. "Ezekial," the devil purred into his ear. "Do I have a surprise for you."

Title: Not Such A Stupid Rule

Pairing/Warning/Rating: NCIS fandom, none, rated PG
Word Count: 100
Summary: Tony limps into autopsy
Author's Note: Written for Thing-a-Thong VII and ncisdrabble100 prompt# 129: Fall.
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Title: The Position
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Torchwood/Southland crossover, Jack Harkness/John Cooper, rated PG-13
Word Count: 100
Summary: An interesting man walked into the bar.
Author's Note: Written for [info]writercon100

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Title: The Bounty

Pairing/Warning/Rating: Leverage/Mag7 ATF fandoms, none, rated G
Word Count: 167
Summary: Vin had Eliot in his sights, but would he pull the trigger?
Author's Note: Written as comment_fic.

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Title: Knowing
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Southland, no pairing, rated G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Ben's a cop. Period. End of story.
Author's Note: Written for [info]writercon100

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Okay, imported my LJ here. Now, let's try actual posting. And I have something very important to say!


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Title: Memories to Remember and Forget
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Doctor Who/Torchwood fandom, Jack/Doctor, rated R
Word Count: 100
Summary: Jack remembered and will continue to.
Author's Note: Written for writercon100

It had been thousands of years since Jack said his final goodbye to the Doctor. The ache had lessened but, when he allowed himself to think about it, still remained. That was why, when he detected the TARDIS, he had to act.

The man who exited was the Doctor, but not his Doctor. So young, looking for adventure with a wide-eyed innocence. An adventure Jack was happy to provide. Knowing the touches the Doctor liked, he brought forth an orgasm with practiced ease.

He felt bad blurring the memory after their coupling, but it couldn't be helped. Timelines and all.
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Title: Seeing More
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Doctor Who fandom, spoilers for Mawdryn Undead, rated G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Turlough didn't understand.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] writercon100 and [ profile] dw100 challenge: flummox

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Title: Checking In
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Leverage fandom, spoilers for finale, rated G
Word Count: 100
Summary: Parker needed to be sure.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] writercon100. Crossposted.

Parker readjusted the rope, getting a better position to peer through the window. There were probably better ways to check on Hardison without his knowing, but few would be so fun. It was exactly like she'd pictured; he was hunched over his computer, that cute little frown on his face as he skimmed through some information he'd just pulled up.

Bracing her legs against the brickwork she grabbed her binoculars. She grinned, realizing what he was reading: a news report on her latest job. Definitely on the right track, it wouldn't be much longer before he tracked her down. Excellent.
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Title: Sacrifices Not Forgotten
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Torchwood fandom, spoilers for 2x13, rated G
Word Count: 166
Summary: Sometimes all we can do is not forget.
Author's Note: Un-beta-ed. Written as comment fic.

Jack had a collection of paper poppies that sat in a box in one of his desk drawers. Every year he added another one to it. Ianto knew about the box, but they never talked about it. They never talked about a lot of things.

Then came the day, that fateful day after Tosh, after Owen, after Grey, that Jack took the box out and asked Ianto to sit down next to him. "I keep these," he said, his voice rough, "to remember. To remember the sacrifices of those who fought for God and Country." He took out a handful, some faded and crinkled, ignoring the way the shook in his hand. "Sacrifices like that should never be forgotten. Tosh and Owen should never be forgotten."

"They won't be," Ianto said softly. "As long as you live there will be someone to remember them. To remember what they did." Ianto reached over and laid his hand on Jack's thigh. Neither man moved for quite some time.
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The Wonderifficly wise [ profile] _medley_ has used her incredible skills to create art for Telepathic Talks.

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Title: Another One For the Book
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Supernatural fandom, preseries , rated G
Word Count: 327
Summary: The Winchester boys had an interesting collection when they were kids.
Author's Note: Un-beta-ed. Written as comment_fic.

"Ha!" Dean yelled as John herded him back into the motel room. "It was great, Sammy. You should'a been there. It wasn't a ghost!"

"Dean?" Sam moved off the couch in a hurry so they could get Dean sitting down. "Your head's bleeding pretty bad."

"Nah, it's nothing," Dean said, unsteadily waving away Sam's attempts to get a better look at the gash. "Get the book, Sam. Get the book. You'll never guess what I saw!"

"Maybe now's not the best time for that, eh, son?" John knelt down in front of Dean and began the standard concussion test. "Follow my finger."

"I'm fine, Dad. Wasn't out for more than a couple of minutes. Doesn't even hurt." Despite his declaration, he still flinched away when John started trying to clean up the blood that had caked over the right side of his face. "You got the book, Sam?"

"Right here, Dean." Sam plunked back down on the couch next to Dean and pretended not to notice the wince when the movement jostled his brother a bit. "So, what'dja see then?" He started flipping the pages. "Banshee? We've already got a 'b' but it'd be neat to get another. Or a Woman in White? We don't got a 'w' yet."

"Have. Not got," Dean corrected automatically. "Nope. Even better. It was a Revenant," he explained, a touch of awe and excitement in his voice.

"Really? A Revenant? Oh, that's so cool!" Sam started scribbling in their monster book. "That's so much better than a boring old ghost. We've already seen tons of those!"

John leaned back on his haunches and scrubbed a hand over his face. Some boys collected matchbox cars or baseball cards. His boys collected monsters. There were times- no, he cut that thought off quickly. "Stay there, Dean. I'll be back in a second to bandage that," he said, giving Dean a light tap on the leg before he got up to get the supplies.
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Title: Together Again
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Life on Mars fandom, Gene/Sam , rated PG
Word Count: 302
Beta: [ profile] travels_in_time
Summary: Celebrations are better when they're all together again.
Author's Note: Written as comment fic.
No one ever came right out and made any plans, but they were all there at The Railway Arms that night. All of the old crowd: Gene, Sam, Annie, Ray, Chris, even good old Phyllis. Nelson might have been long gone, but it was still a cop bar and it somehow felt right to travel to Manchester to celebrate there rather than stay in London.

Of course, not all of them were cops anymore. Phyllis and Gene had both left the job a while ago, Gene due to age restrictions and Phyllis when she got married. And Ray had been behind a desk after taking two bullets in the leg six years back, shattering the femur.

"Well, if it isn't Chief Inspector Skelton." Gene raised a glass to Chris. "And I get to say I knew you when."

"Not that you taught me everything I know?"

"Nah." Gene slapped Sam on the back. "I left that to Sammy here. Best thing for the CID he was, transferring down from Hyde when he did."

"You say that now," Annie joked. "There was a time..."

"Still is a time," Ray interrupted, but there was no heat behind his words.

"You love me, you know it," Sam protested, butting his shoulder against Ray's.

Phyllis motioned the bartender for another round. "Two minutes, people!" she shouted over the roar, as the noise level of the pub rose louder and louder with the countdown to the end of 1999. Gene was quick to make sure all their glasses were full.

"Five!" they all shouted together. "Four! Three! Two! One!"

"Guv?" Sam reached over, taking Gene's hand in his own. "Welcome to the 21st century."

"To the 21st century ! Now get over here!" Laughing, Gene pulled Sam in close for a kiss that would leave them both breathless.


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