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So I just bingewatched all off Emerald City (10 episode show that aired Jan-Mar of this year and with no word for renewal as of yet) which is a gritty retelling of the Oz story. My interest in it was mostly piqued by a post on whumpersunited's tumblr detailing all the whump and h/c one of the characters goes through in the first few episodes (I'm sure news this surprises no one- sexy, stoic, injured amnesiac? Sign me up.). The whump was glorious and the story for the first half really good. I don't know the Oz books at ALL so I can't say if some of the twists and turns were actual 'twists' but overall it was a good enough story, if flagging a bit in the later episodes. It didn't end on a complete cliffhanger, but pretty close. If it returns, I'll probably watch it, but, kind of like Damien and numerous other shows of late, I won't be broken up if it doesn't.

I've been paging through and may have stumbled on other shows to watch as a result. Handsome guys hurting has always been the best part of a canon for me for as long as I can remember, it's not a guarantee I'll keep watching, but it will at least encourage me to turn in to check it out. (That one gif of Percival carrying Merlin? The only reason I checked out the show after being bored and noping out of the pilot years earlier) Gifs are telling me there is an amazing amount of whump in the most recent seasons of Teen Wolf, SPN, Arrow and Flash but sanity is telling me not to go back down those rabbit holes. We'll see if sanity prevails or not. :)

Nominations for Not Prime Time - a 'medium sized' fandom (aka the larger Yuletide eligible ones up to anything smaller than the powerhouse fandoms with 20k+ fics) fic exchange - are going on now. I've treated and Pinch Hit for it in the past so nommed some fandoms I'd like to write in in hopes someone requests it. (Hey, it worked for yuletide! I wound up treating the heck out of the Losers and if I hadn't nommed it that couldn't have happened.) It is taking the new trend of nomming character relationships vs just characters which, since I'm not the best slasher, might affect my ability to write, but oh well. There's a number of people on my flist who write in eligible fandoms so if you think you might be interested, go check it out.