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I was looking at the list of shows that had been renewed over at [community profile] tv_talk and found it interesting to see a)how many shows there are that I had watched at one point but stopped, b)how many shows there are that I have never, ever heard of despite some been on for numerous seasons, and c)how many times I thought holy crap how is that show still on the air?

I started trying to figure out how many renewed shows I knew/enjoyed/hated/gave up on and decided to come up with a list. (note- it appears to count shows that will be airing a new season this summer as having been renewed since that season is still yet to air although there are some returning shows not on the list so...)

Having watched at least an episode or so and given up/never got into: ABC- Designated Survivor, Once Upon a Time, CBS- MacGyver, FOX- New Girl, NBC- L&O:SVU

Having watched regularly for a bit before sanity prevailed (kidding): ABC - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. AMC- Humans, CBS- The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Elementary (although if this were streaming legally somewhere I'd probably try to catch up), Hawaii 5-0 (I am boggling that it was renewed for an 8th season), NCIS (14th season!! this show WILL NEVER DIE), NCIS:LA, CW- Arrow, Flash, iZombie, Supergirl, Supernatural, Whose Line is it Anyway, FOX- Gotham, Lucifer, the Simpsons, X-Files, HISTORY- Vikings, MTV- Teen Wolf, NCB- Blacklist, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, Shades of Blue, This is Us, NETFLIX- Daredevil, Longmire, SYFY- the Magicians, USA- Mr Robot, Suits. (Shows I know are returning that are not on the list but I watched some of before quitting are Preacher, Cleverman and Shadowhunters)

What I still plan on watching (to one extent or another) come time for new episodes to air: Legends of Tomorrow, Lethal Weapon, Stitchers, Timeless, Killjoys, Wynonna Earp, People of Earth (if I can get caught up?) and The Librarians. (Also The Night Shift, if I remember, which isn't on the renewed or cancelled list) To be fair, I'm still vaguely interested in most of CW's shows in a 'I hope the characters have happily ever afters but watching their adventures just got too painful to do every week' kind of way but it would take a lot for me to go back to watching regularly.

Things I'm boggling at:
there's apparently 2 different "The Bachelor" shows that have aired for 26 season between them
AT&T has a network? And makes it's own TV content?
there is a show called 'Superior Donuts' that that aired a whole season that I've never heard of
South Park was renewed for three seasons- 21st, 22nd, and 23rd! WHY?
The Simpsons is still on the air and renewed for 2 more seasons?
35 seasons of Survivor. THIRTY-FIVE
L&O:SVU is still on the air and will have a 19th season. I wonder if they want it to beat out the mothership's amazing 20yr run
Wow, Netflix has a lot of shows (many of which I've never heard of, despite having Netflix. At least Amazon's original shows I could claim I didn't know of because I don't have Prime)
I never even heard of the channel TRUTV, let alone knew it aired original TV
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Erik Kripke has tweeted that now the show has been picked up for a 10 episode season that will air sometime in 2018 (possibly over the summer, possibly as a midseason replacement starting in Jan-Feb). Some articles are attributing the network's turn around due to fan outrage and the social media storm that arose post cancellation announcement, so yay fans!!

Also, I just have to share this quote tptb gave when asked about 'how gay' S2 of Wynonna Earp will be: "Think like a dolphin at Studio 54. Glitter bomb. Liza Minnelli is there. They lock eyes across a crowded dance floor and Donna Summer is playing. Clay Aiken is there even though it’s the 70s. Mike Pence is like ‘I don’t know about this.’ I’d say capital G Gay.”

I wonder if that means they will be doing more than just the canon f/f then?
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Thanks for all the birthday wishes, everyone! Yesterday went pretty nice and the weather was actually gorgeous so I could take Molly for a long walk which was nice and then we capped the day off getting pizza so I didn't have to do anything for dinner :)
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Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled :( I know a lot of people ragequit post S3 ending, and many thought it never lived up to S1's promises but I liked S4 and thought there was a lot of potential for future storylines. (And, well, Tom Mison in period garb on my screen on a regular basis? Yes, please.) *sigh*

Emerald City (which I posted about a bit back) was also cancelled, but I can't say I'm surprised about that. I think it probably would have worked better if they sold it as a 'television event' as opposed to as S1 of a tv show and with only a little tweaking it would have worked really well as that and left the door open for further 'events'/seasons if those were to happen. Oh well.

I'm not watching anything that's currently airing and it's a really weird feeling. I decided not to pick up Supernatural and Blacklist again when their seasons began this fall. I gave up on iZombie, Flash, Blindspot, the Magicians and Arrow at various points into their current season (although I will watch the Arrow finale due to a returning guest star) and I just couldn't be bothered to watch Lucifer when it returned last week (I may still catch up, I dunno). It's frustrating. I want to have shows. But...

This summer Stitchers, Killjoys and Wynonna Earp will be returning so that's something at least.

I need to get off my butt and quit looking at all the NPT prompts and thinking "ooh, shiny" and actually open up a word doc and start writing one. (The prompts are all here for those who might be interested)


May. 4th, 2017 11:34 am
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It's incredibly early to have little ones this big, but the first baby bunnies have been spotted out and about! Revel in the cuteness!

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When I first came out to MN for college I didn't listen to the radio a lot, but when I did it was the "oldies" station, Kool 108, which mostly played stuff from the '50s and '60s. Everly Brothers, Herman's Hermits, Richie Valens, Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Otis Redding etc. Fast forward a decade or so later and I'm always in the car driving my kids places and occasionally turn to Kool 108 and there's some of the same stuff but also slightly newer things too, focusing mostly on songs from the '60s and '70s from groups like the Rolling Stones and Elton John and the Grateful Dead but including a handful from the bands I used to hear more often on the station.

I turned it on today and hear them playing Prince and Toto and Men at Work and Men Without Hats.

These are apparently considered oldies and classics now?

"Africa" and "Safety Dance" and "Purple Rain" are all good songs. But.....
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After seeing a gifset on that whumpers tumblr I wound up bingewatching all of "Stitchers" (2 seasons of 10 eps each, a 3rd will air this summer). Which is one of those 'small group from secret government agency solve crimes' shows but the characters are engaging and they hit the right level of case-of-the-week vs overall season story arc that works for me. Also, it's from the Freeform (formally ABCFamily) channel so mostly if there's violence or sex it's alluded to instead of shown and that makes a nice change since it requires writers to come up with dialog and things like that instead of just going for the shocks and tits and ass. It's also got some familiar faces - the people who played Allison on Eureka and Claudia on Warehouse 13 oh, and Oded Fehr- who is now a lovely silver fox- guest stars. :D (The premise of the show, btw, is sciencey people figure out how to put main character into memories of dead person. Ridiculous sounding, but they sell it well.)

iZombie just came back. While I like the show, it's always straddled the line for embarrassment squick (as Liv takes on personality traits of the victims) for me and appears to be doubling that with Major also slotting into that role this season. *Sigh* Also, the premise of the show is getting strained as they add in more arcing SL ideas and whatnot and move away from the case-of-the-week format as a result I'm not sure if I'll continue to watch it as a result. *Double sigh*

The prompts for Night on Fic Mountain (small fandom exchange similar to Yuletide) are available and I was so excited to see a prompt for tiny-fandom-of-my-heart but then realized it's basically the same as a yuletide prompt for that fandom and the requester obviously interprets the fandom radically different than I. *sighs* Maybe there'll be a Not Prime Time req that catches my eye that I can treat.

Due to the craziness here and other factors I'm not hosting a seder this year and flaky sister didn't step up so I won't even be attending one this year, which feels oddly strange. Also, due to health issues, I'm not entirely sure how carefully I'll be keeping Passover this year or for how long. :(

I found the best thing out via tumblr the other day. Apparently pygmy marmosets like toothbrush massages. You're welcome.
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So I just bingewatched all off Emerald City (10 episode show that aired Jan-Mar of this year and with no word for renewal as of yet) which is a gritty retelling of the Oz story. My interest in it was mostly piqued by a post on whumpersunited's tumblr detailing all the whump and h/c one of the characters goes through in the first few episodes (I'm sure news this surprises no one- sexy, stoic, injured amnesiac? Sign me up.). The whump was glorious and the story for the first half really good. I don't know the Oz books at ALL so I can't say if some of the twists and turns were actual 'twists' but overall it was a good enough story, if flagging a bit in the later episodes. It didn't end on a complete cliffhanger, but pretty close. If it returns, I'll probably watch it, but, kind of like Damien and numerous other shows of late, I won't be broken up if it doesn't.

I've been paging through and may have stumbled on other shows to watch as a result. Handsome guys hurting has always been the best part of a canon for me for as long as I can remember, it's not a guarantee I'll keep watching, but it will at least encourage me to turn in to check it out. (That one gif of Percival carrying Merlin? The only reason I checked out the show after being bored and noping out of the pilot years earlier) Gifs are telling me there is an amazing amount of whump in the most recent seasons of Teen Wolf, SPN, Arrow and Flash but sanity is telling me not to go back down those rabbit holes. We'll see if sanity prevails or not. :)

Nominations for Not Prime Time - a 'medium sized' fandom (aka the larger Yuletide eligible ones up to anything smaller than the powerhouse fandoms with 20k+ fics) fic exchange - are going on now. I've treated and Pinch Hit for it in the past so nommed some fandoms I'd like to write in in hopes someone requests it. (Hey, it worked for yuletide! I wound up treating the heck out of the Losers and if I hadn't nommed it that couldn't have happened.) It is taking the new trend of nomming character relationships vs just characters which, since I'm not the best slasher, might affect my ability to write, but oh well. There's a number of people on my flist who write in eligible fandoms so if you think you might be interested, go check it out.
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So yesterday it hit 62 (16.67) and they're saying it'll have a high of 26 (-3.33) tomorrow with a possibility of up to 6 inches of snow. Go home, Mother Nature, you are drunk.

Timeless had its season finale Monday (and possibly series finale, since it hasn't been renewed yet) and it did that annoying 'everything seems to be all happy and going fine but then in the last two minutes there is SHOCKING TWIST and SURPRISE and OMG WHAT WILL HAPPEN? Better hope they renew us so you can find out!' thing that seems to be the way tptb want to do things more often than not lately (well, always I guess because while I can think of a number of shows that ended that way last year there's also a bunch from ages ago- Alien Nation comes to mind and that was more than 25 years ago.) I'm just... not a fan of shocker tactics. *sigh*

On the good news front, Lethal Weapon was renewed! And for a full 22 episode season! (Unlike the 18 episodes that I think S1 was given). Watching Riggs' one-step-forward-two-steps-back recovery and growth is wonderfully painful. Good job show and congrats on the renewal.

I hit 1k on my exchange fic and it looks like if I wanted I could either end it at 1.5k(ish) or spin it off into some long 5-10k (or more) monstrosity. Or maybe not. Eh, there's plenty of time, I guess I'll just see how it goes.
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I just discovered a cable channel is showing "Hogan's Heroes" repeats every night. In every episode the good guys win, the Nazis are inept and Sgt Shultz 'knows nothing, nothing!' It's quite the balm for what's happening in the real world, politically speaking.

Otherwise, tv-wise, The Librarians just ended. The show's cute enough, and I was happy to find out it got renewed, but I really can't say I'm remotely fannish. Honestly, though, other than Lethal Weapon (which is SO GOOD), I can't say I'm fannish about any show I'm currently watching (mostly Lucifer, Timeless, Grimm and Sleepy Hollow) or somewhat following (This is Us, Legends of Tomorrow). And I've totally given up on Flash, Arrow, Blacklist, SPN, Teem Wolf, NCIS:LA (RIP Miguel Ferrer, you were a good egg) and... probably others?

In attempts to eat healthier I've stopped getting the delicious, but probably totally unhealthy muffins they sell in the supermarket and tried to start making them more often. I came across this easy mug muffin recipe which makes just one large muffin with very little clean up needed:

- ¼ cup of ground flax seed meal
- 1 tsp of baking powder
- 2 tsp of cinnamon
- 1 tsp of oil (I just eyeball it)
- 1 egg
- pinch or two sugar
- raisins or other dried fruit

Mix together in a mug or smallish microwaveable container with a fork, microwave 45-60 seconds.

When I'm more ambitious I make these (but with tweaks, using a 15oz can pumpkin and replacing half the oil with unsweetened applesauce and then baking 24 as muffins and one smallish loaf all at the same time) and then freeze a bunch for later (unless the kids are home because wow they can eat a lot).

It's been in the 30s here. In January. When typically it's in the negative teens or twenties. We've even had RAIN. But climate change isn't a thing, not at all. *sighs* Molly's happy about the lack of negative temps, and the cats are liking all the squirrel activity, so it's not all bad I guess.
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So Sherlock was a thing that happened.

S4 was both worse and better than I'd hoped, especially since I'd thought The Abominable Bride was a hideous mess. They tried some effects they really, really didn't have the budget for and were laughably, extremely bad as a result. Some of the powerful acting moments were actually powerful. Some of the writing/action was godawful and unbelievable (John's reaction to *spoiler* at the end of episode 1 was to basically do nothing medically speaking? Sorry, for an army doctor that was OOC to me) some was amazing. The zillion of ACD nods were cute/fun, if sprinkled a tad too overzealously. The ending worked just fine as a ending for the show in general if they chose not to make more episodes. It didn't really spark a new fannish interest in the show for me, but at least (unlike CA:CW) it didn't sour anything for me either so that's something at least.

Timeless and Lucifer return tonight. *crosses fingers they'll be decent*

Grimm has been pretty much a huge mess, but I am enjoying Sleepy Hollow's direction.

I did catch up with Legends of Tomorrow but I'll probably be giving the rest of the season a pass. I loathe both Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn, I really wish DCTV would just remove them from the canvas. *sigh*

Dusty has taken to worming under blankets on the couch before falling asleep, causing minor heart attacks when suddenly the pile of blankets next to you sneeze or start to purr or snore. Cats. What can you do.


Jan. 7th, 2017 05:02 pm
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So, due to the extreme cold we decided to get Molly a coat. (Not the best picture, sorry, she refused to pose.)

She, unfortunately in a way, really loves said coat and as a result she wanted to go on a REALLY LONG WALK today, despite it being around -7F. Yay and ugh?
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I've just finished backing up my LJ to dreamwidth, not really due to any fears of where LJ's now based but rather because I'd been meaning to do it for a while. Overall, my friendslist/reading page are fairly sparsely populated of late, a lot of folks seem to have moved on and out of fannish circles, but I figure be the change you want to see and all so here I am, posting.

Post-Yuletide means a massive drop in fannish activity for me. I thought about signing up for but despite the tiny commitment (300 word fic) but, as a mostly gen writer I'm finding the whole "'Character A/Character B' is shipfic while 'Character A & Character B' is genfic" thing a bit offputting and hard for me. What counts as / vs &? Is implied pairing good enough? Fade to black? etc. Looking at the letters posted I'm also finding I don't know very many fandoms and almost no prompts I could treat, let alone risk being assigned. *sigh*

I've dropped more shows out of a lack of caring/inertia. Wednesdays were problematic since Blindspot, Arrow and Lethal Weapon were all on at the same time. With cable and onDemand, it was easy to watch the two I missed the next day but I realized I'd no real desire to catch up on the Arrow or Blindspot episodes I'd missed. I skimmed the episode summaries and... yeah. Little to no interest. I might pick Arrow back up again eventually, we'll see. I also randomly missed the last Legends of Tomorrow episode and haven't bothered to catch up either. If I drop that show too it'll mean I've dropped all of CW's DC shows. I really want to like those shows, but there's just so much about them that just makes it difficult. *sigh*

I am still loving Lethal Weapon though. (Found family + broken character? Yes, please!) Lucifer introduced an clever twist before breaking in December so it'll be interesting to see where that goes and Timeless is... still Timeless? (Overall mostly enjoyable, but with plot problems if you stop to think about it). Sleepy Hollow and Grimm return on Friday. I'm watching Grimm mostly because it was announced it was the final season so I decided to stick it out (not the best reasoning, I know) and I'm curious where Sleepy Hollow goes with the changes they introduced at the end of S3 so I'm provisionally looking forward to that.

MN is in a cold snap again, with highs in the negatives (Fahrenheit). Most of the time I like it here, but right now, not so much. Molly (the dog) does not approve of it either. I also pulled something shoveling a few weeks ago and it's still kind of achy. Getting older sucks. Do not recommend. (Well, it's better than the alternative, I suppose, but I want my holospray and magic-light-beamy-fix-you-up technology already.)

Considering all the doom and gloom political news that have been dominating the airwaves of late, I can say I'm proud of my state for having elected the first female Muslim and Somali-American legislator in the US, Ilhan Omar, who was sworn into the MN state senate on Tuesday. She's both a refugee and immigrant and the second person ever to be sworn in holding the Quran (the first being MN's Rep. Keith Ellison, the first Muslim U.S. congressman). (picture of the swearing in and a picture of the HUGE Quran she used) Yay Minnesota!
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In news of the awesome in nature, faikit on AO3 has translated my MCU fic "Old Dog, New Bun" into Russian!

Oddly enough, my one semester of Russian twenty-mumble years ago isn't enough for me to be able to read it, but it looks awesome and I'm super thrilled they liked my story enough to do a translation of it. If you know any Russian please go take a look at "Старый хот-дог, новая обертка" and drop them a comment or kudos!
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So I decided to make sure to grab the donutsweeper name there and created a comm to do so and wound up with a ton more invites so if anyone out there is still interested in checking out the site just head on over to and you can get one and see for yourself what the site is like.

My overall impression, honestly, is it's still VERY in beta and a bit clunky. The staff is incredibly open to questions and concerns though, and there is a lot of back and forth as to what's working and what needs improvement. Overall it's still kind of quiet, but that might just be on the comms I follow, some have thousands and thousands of members so I assume there's more going on in them. I've high hopes for a few comms, there's FANDOM_DEALER which is hoping to become the new place for fandom recs ala [ profile] crack_van and a ton of writing/prompt ones as well as the drabble challenge one I mentioned in the last post. So who knows, maybe it'll become the new platform everyone will use.

Only time will tell.

I am curious what other people who've checked it out think though!
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Look, another post!

(And another attempt to avoid thinking about today's [ profile] watsons_woes's prompt)

Molly's still in her cone because one of her incisions isn't healing properly. The vet for now is taking the wait and see approach so I guess we're waiting and seeing. :(

I had to get new glasses and have been having a lot of trouble adjusting because not only is my eyesight bad enough to be nearly legally blind without them but my close vision is going enough I need correction there as well. Instead of just bifocals though they recommended a blended lens which is more like an hourglass with the correction to see far at the top and near at the bottom and plain glass on the sides. It's *weird* and kind of nauseating. It reminds me of trying to read off a paper that's curved (like if you were holding something laminated from the bottom and the edges of the paper curve away from you). Bah. So headache inducing.

In sad news Jerry Doyle (Garibaldi on B5) died. FAR too many B5 actors have passed on already. As J. Michael Straczynski wrote, come on universe, stop it.
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(and no, making a post is not an attempt to avoid thinking about today's [ profile] watsons_woes's prompt, why do you ask?)

On the renewal/cancellation front it's been announced Wynonna Earp has been renewed! I could have done without the *shocker*esque last 30 seconds of the finale, but the show was fun and congrats to Syfy for not getting scared off by canon f/f I guess. They did cancel Hunters though, although I'm not overly broken up over that (I liked aspects of the show, like it having hearing impaired and neuro-atypical characters who's differences weren't plot points, but it wasn't a show I got super into or anything). (Still awaiting word on Houdini & Doyle's fate, I really wound up enjoying that show which probably means it'll get the ax.)

Molly had to have a cancerous lump removed earlier this week, the poor dear does not enjoy wearing the cone while she heals. They think they got it all though, which is all that really matters.

Molly pouting )

On the *grumble grumble* front as a cost-cutting measure my local library stopped offering access to genealogybank (a great resource for obits and the like when doing genealogy). I could buy a subscription myself I suppose, as genealogy is a huge hobby of mine, but I already pay for's world membership and I'm not sure I can justify paying for another one. *sighs some more* I guess it's important for my taxes to support stadiums for sports teams, but libraries? Who'd want that?
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I've been meaning to post for absolutely ages but somehow never get around to it and I finally decided today that that's going to change. So voilà! A post!

We finally saw Star Wars this weekend! I somehow managed to remain mostly unspoiled, but it didn't matter much as nothing seemed shocking or surprising to me. Kid liked the movie, Hubby *hated* it (he will rant for hours and hours as to why, it's hilarious) and I walked away thinking the two hours were enjoyably enough spent but that was it. I'm not going to harsh anyone's squee (I hate people who do that) but I will say I am starting to get frustrated by JJ Abrams' friendship with Greg Grunberg- his popping up in everything JJ Abrams directs is starting to get distracting. (I know it's a time honored tradition and Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell do it all time time, but still...)

It's been insanely warm here. The snow cover is completely gone and we've even had the windows open a bunch- it hit 68°F yesterday!! The average temp should be about 35°. (That's 20°C instead of 1.66 if the F to C conversion chart is to be believed). The cats are, not surprisingly, loving it. Open windows FTW!!!

How's everyone on my flist doing?
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Sort of got to see the blood moon last night, the weather was meh so we didn't stay outside to see the eclipse though. *shakes a halfhearted fist at Mother Nature*

Life without kids in the house is weird. I buy (comparatively) NO food now. I suppose that's not surprising since even though only one was home last year it's amazing how much a teenage boy can eat. Other than how much food to buy the other big difference is walking Molly. Technically she is daughter's dog and even though I still wind up walking Molls a lot when she's home, having more than Hub and me here did mean we didn't have to be in charge of all 4 of her daily walks. The weather's been lousy lately, it'd be nice if someone else had to get soaked while taking her out once in a while.

Let's see, what else... Ah, more tv has premiered.

Limitless- apparently this is a spin off of sorts of some movie (staring Bradley Cooper maybe?) that I never watched. Knowledge of the movie background wasn't needed though, which was nice. The pilot had potential, but I didn't find the main character terribly engaging. It was decent enough though, so I'll probably watch a few more episodes at least.

Rosewood- this bored me and I've seen a variation of the set up a million times (to some extent in The Mentalist, Elementary/Sherlock, House, anytime someone (slightly abrasive) is a consultant helping solve crimes/medical mysteries). I didn't care about either the case or any of the characters. I won't be watching again.

Quantico- what an overblown, unengaging, boring mess. I fail to see how this could be an ongoing series vs a contained miniseries. So many of the "twists" were obvious and other supposedly shocking or surprising moments, well, weren't. Very disappointing.

Oh, forgot to mention The Librarians previously, there was a marathon of it on TNT labor day weekend so I binge watched it. I never saw the movies (not a Noah Wyle fan) but I didn't need any previous knowledge to enjoy the series. It's done by the guys behind Leverage and it shows- similar team dynamics and interplay and more fun than serious plots. Wyle (as the Librarian) still shows up a bunch but the series focuses on three Librarians-in-training and their "Guardian" (guard/protector/whatever). Pretty cute show and very lighthearted overall. Matt Frewer is the recurring baddie and he's always fun to watch. When it returns I'll definitely try to remember to watch it.

For a random link drop to close out this post I'll leave you with some ridiculous football (soccer to Americans) skills last week in the Bundesliga (German professional football league) wherein Robert Lewandowski came in as a substitute and scored an amazing 5 times in 9 minutes. The look on the coach's face at the end is hysterical.
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Wow, I have barely posted this year. I did intend to but, well, the road to hell and all that.

It's just me and the animals at home for a bit as Hub gets son settled at college which feels weird. Molly (the dog) misses her girl (who's off at college herself) like crazy, or at least I assume so, she spends her day on her chair sleeping or looking bored and pathetic but that's part and parcel for her so it's hard to tell. The cats are getting along as well as ever (aka Santini and Kato get in arguments over who is supposed to be licking the other's head and Dusty hisses at Tini whenever he tries to get her to play).

Fannish-wise I've been into a few things this summer. I am watching/watched the new seasons of Teen Wolf (although question why more and more every episode), Graceland (ditto), Hannibal (more for its visual beauty than what it considers plot), and Dominion (whose second season has added even more interesting world building and amazing wingporn) while getting drawn into the new show Killjoys (the Syfy/Space channel show), watching all of Sense8 on Netflix in one day and all 4 seasons of a BBC show Death in Paradise (excellent mystery series, especially the first two seasons).

Sense8 babble )

Killjoys squee )

Murder in Paradise babble )

Hmm, I was sure there was more I wanted to blather about but now I can't remember. Oh well. Hope all's good with everybody.


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