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Title: Ratiocination, or The Logic Behind the Perfect Coffee
Sherlock (bbc) fandom, barista!AU, rated G
Word Count: 1391

 Barista!Sherlock is known for speaking to his customers bluntly, judging them by their orders, something John finds fascinating.
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic prompt asking for Sherlock as a bad-tempered, yet AWESOME barista. Many, many thanks to [ profile] stackcats for her input on the drinks and what baristas really think about them. All remaining mistakes are mine.
Commentary Note: I'm still not sure why I picked this prompt to fill. I usually shy away from AUs. *shrugs* Anyway...

Commentary for Ratiocination, as requested by noirrosaleen )
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Title: Haunting Laughter
Sherlock (bbc)/His Dark Materials crossover, rated PG
Beta: [ profile] mad_jaks (who deserves a *medal* for this)
Word Count: 5401

 John and his daemon Jurron are captured by Moriarty,
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic prompt asking for John getting kidnapped by Moriarty who tortures him by stroking/touching and injuring his daemon. The only knowledge of HDM needed to read this is that it is a world where your soul is external and living outside your body in the shape of an animal.
Author's Note #2: Click to see Jorrun, Asnneth and Dagany.
Author's Commentary: For some reason "Sherlock" has quite a number of HDM crossovers.  Previously, in all my years in fandom I had seen an NCIS one and a Hawaii 5-0 one and that is it.  I had tried reading "The Golden Compass" a bit back, and while I liked the world Pullmann had created, the story itself did not grab me.  Some of the Sherlock fusions I'd read were really great though and when I saw a request on the kink meme for one I decided to try my hand at it. 
Haunting Laughter Commentary, for awanderingbard )
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The last commentary that's been requested. Please feel free to ask for another if there's one you'd like to see.

btw- I've been trying to post this for DAYS.... apparently LJ has decided it hates me.
as requested by medley )
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Yet another commentary from yours truly.  If there's a story of mine you'd like to see commentary on, please feel free to ask!
The Hunter, as requested by _medley_ )


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