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Dark Matter, which I had just started watching, was not renewed for a fourth season but Killjoys got a fourth and fifth (and final) season which does make me happy. There's so much world building in Killjoys, especially things that you didn't even notice until later on when other stuff is explained which always impresses me. It also features canon f/f, m/m, many POCs and had a large storyline which featured disabled actors playing disabled characters which is the kind of all encompassing diversity I definitely think is a trend that needs to be seen more often in mainstream media.

Unfortunately Stitchers, which I posted about several times, was cancelled as well, and on a rather big cliffhanger. *sigh*

The Midnight Texas finale will air this Monday. It's been a decent enough watch, but I'm not sure I'll care if there's a second season or not. (It's also possible it won't make sense for their to be another season, it kind of looks like it might be more of a 'television event' kind of thing rather than seasonal tv show.)

Yuletide is ramping up (nominations close soonish). I made my noms and am crossing my fingers one thing I nommed gets in (it's weird and rare and whether or not it's considered a fandom could be up for debate). One of the best things about yuletide is seeing the tagset and reading letters and discovering all sorts of new or forgotten fandoms. I doubt I'll be able to match the output I made last year, but I'm hoping to at least write my average of 10 fics or so. *crosses fingers*


Aug. 12th, 2017 12:35 pm
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I wanted to share this with you all- thousands of old 78s are being digitized and uploaded to and now available for listening completely free and legally- collection here, article with info about the project here. Eventually 400k songs will be available.

TV-wise, I'm not thrilled with the direction Wynonna Earp took last night, but not surprised by it either. Loved Killjoys though, especially for the flashback and also D'Av's character development. Stitchers is still decent enough a watch, totally as expected for a Freeform (former ABC Family) show. Midnight, Texas has been keeping my interest as well- probably due to it being adapted from books there's quite a bit of world building that's been being revealed in dribs and drabs but I've liked what it's shown so far.

My remix has been fighting me. I will prevail though. I will.
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After dithering about it for weeks I actually did sign up for In all likelihood I won't get assigned someone who only writes pwps or complete AUs, right?

This past Monday I watched Midnight, Texas, a tv show with a supernatural bend that's apparently based on some books. Not entire sure they have figured out their worldbuilding, but it's about a guy who talks to ghosts who meets various other supernatural-inclined types in a small town where bad stuff seems to be looming on the horizon. I'm interested enough to tune in tonight, at least.

It is on at the same time as Preacher, so I'm using it as an excuse to drop that. I like a lot of aspects of the show and Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga are ridiculously gorgeous and great actors, but the gratuitous amounts of death and destruction that follows the main trio was really wearing on me.

Killjoys added canon f/f to go with its m/m this week, kudos to them for that. I'm not overly thrilled with how complex their season is looking to be, but I did expect it as its fairly typical come S3 to start really layering in details and plot points like this.

I think I'm going to stop watching The Night Shift. I am willing to put up with a lot for Eoin Macken and Brendan Fehr (and guy who plays Brendan Fehr's husband who is also D'avin on Killjoys who I can't remember the name of) but wow, the plots and execution of said plots are bad. Really bad. And trite and telegraphed. It would have fit in perfectly with ER and that spate of hospital/doctor shows, but not really anymore. It is about vets/currently serving soldiers and apparently has gotten a lot of input and hired actual vets etc so kudos to it, but.... *sigh*

I'm not listening to as many podcasts now that daughter is home and walking the dog, but I do recommend 'Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air', like 'The Nightly Show' (which I dearly miss) it does have a political bend, but only slight and each episode he interviews someone and they range from Neil deGrasse Tyson to Norman Lear as well as political people (Sen. Franken for example) and a woman who is a famous Baseball reporter and even when I don't know much about the person or subject (like the baseball ep) it's still very interesting.

I also really like "Pessimists Archive Podcast' which has the theme of 'how X new fangled thing is going to ruin society as we know it!' but from a historical perspective so X is the umbrella or recorded music or the car or the walkman. I find it really well researched and really interesting. (A continual theme it brings up, that I also see today, is that it tends to be those who are most benefited by the status quo who are against the new thing aka those written by baby boomers 'Gen X(or Y)/Millennials are ruining {fill in the blank}' article that seem to be published on a nearly monthly basis.)
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Wynonna Earp has been renewed! Awesome news all around, apparently SYFY/Space isn't scared off by a female led shows with canon f/f. Kind of surprising that it's only halfway through S2 and they're already announcing S3, but I guess it's due to SDCC hype.

Killjoys has been pretty good this season, the most recent ep gave us a taste of Pree's warlord days and introduced us to both his current (Gared) and his ex (and Pree and Lachlan's 'goodbye' makeout scene was ridiculously hot. I hope we see him again soon) I need to hunt down everything Thom Allison has ever done, I love his Pree and he's wonderfully kind of twitter.

I fell away from Doctor Who a while back, but the new news re: Thirteen's casting is awesome. I just may have to try to start watching again.

I haven't managed much for this year's Watsons-Woes, a combo of uninterest in Sherlock (the past several additions to canon haven't really been my thing), general bad brain and the fact I set myself the goal of writing something I'd be willing to put on AO3 as opposed to just throw on my LJ/DW. Oh well, maybe the last few prompts will spark something.

I'm debating signing up for the newest remix challenge,, which, unlike previous ones, does not allow for turning gen relationships in the original fic into a pairing (all have the rule that if the fic has a A/B relationship you can't change it and remix it to be B/C but the last time I did one it didn't consider that altering A&B to A/B was changing the relationship so that was allowed). I worry a little that I'd get assigned someone who writes only, I don't know, A/B/O HS AUs or something and be stuck trying to figure out a way to write a remix out of something that is not remotely my cup of tea. Signups don't end until 7/30 though, so there's still time to decide.

I'm been doing a lot of genealogy of late. Something I love, but am often hampered by the lack of online resources, location (if only I were still in NY!), money (I can only justify paying for subscriptions to so many sites/ordering so many certificates) and a language barrier. There aren't that many German, Polish or Russian documents available for my tree for me to flail and fail at, but there's quite a lot of church books in Swedish and French (Quebecois technically) that I've been trying to muddle my way through for my husband's. Trying to get through 200 or 300+ year old bad handwriting (sometimes also scanned poorly) in a language I do not know can make for an interesting time. (On that note, if anyone is willing to look at one particular 1819 Quebec marriage record for me, I'd be ridiculously grateful.) By the by, I've also helped create trees for friends, if you're interested in trying to delve into your family's history or expanding on what you know I'd be happy to help. (I have the world subscription and know of a bunch of other sites, some of which are free, so while my expertise is US- particularly NY/NJ/MN, Pale of Jewish Settlement, Canada, and Sweden, I can probably help for just about anywhere.)

Daughter finally arrived home from studying abroad across the pond a few weeks ago. She had a blast and traveled at every opportunity so went all over the UK, Ireland, France, Milan, Italy, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Spain and probably a few places I am forgetting. However it did lead to the great texts like "I'm okay! Was at Notre Dame when everything went down but they herded to a bookstore and locked us in! How awesome is that?" (about the stabbing spree at Notre Dame. She was in Manchester and London the days of the terror events in those places too. Possibly another as well? I can't remember.) She also made it to Oxford and met up with [personal profile] jadesfire there so that was kind of cool. Molly the dog is thrilled to have her girl home, and as a bonus I don't have to walk her in super hot summer humidity anymore now since that's daughter's job when she's here. :)
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I was looking at the list of shows that had been renewed over at [community profile] tv_talk and found it interesting to see a)how many shows there are that I had watched at one point but stopped, b)how many shows there are that I have never, ever heard of despite some been on for numerous seasons, and c)how many times I thought holy crap how is that show still on the air?

I started trying to figure out how many renewed shows I knew/enjoyed/hated/gave up on and decided to come up with a list. (note- it appears to count shows that will be airing a new season this summer as having been renewed since that season is still yet to air although there are some returning shows not on the list so...)

Having watched at least an episode or so and given up/never got into: ABC- Designated Survivor, Once Upon a Time, CBS- MacGyver, FOX- New Girl, NBC- L&O:SVU

Having watched regularly for a bit before sanity prevailed (kidding): ABC - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. AMC- Humans, CBS- The Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Elementary (although if this were streaming legally somewhere I'd probably try to catch up), Hawaii 5-0 (I am boggling that it was renewed for an 8th season), NCIS (14th season!! this show WILL NEVER DIE), NCIS:LA, CW- Arrow, Flash, iZombie, Supergirl, Supernatural, Whose Line is it Anyway, FOX- Gotham, Lucifer, the Simpsons, X-Files, HISTORY- Vikings, MTV- Teen Wolf, NCB- Blacklist, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, Shades of Blue, This is Us, NETFLIX- Daredevil, Longmire, SYFY- the Magicians, USA- Mr Robot, Suits. (Shows I know are returning that are not on the list but I watched some of before quitting are Preacher, Cleverman and Shadowhunters)

What I still plan on watching (to one extent or another) come time for new episodes to air: Legends of Tomorrow, Lethal Weapon, Stitchers, Timeless, Killjoys, Wynonna Earp, People of Earth (if I can get caught up?) and The Librarians. (Also The Night Shift, if I remember, which isn't on the renewed or cancelled list) To be fair, I'm still vaguely interested in most of CW's shows in a 'I hope the characters have happily ever afters but watching their adventures just got too painful to do every week' kind of way but it would take a lot for me to go back to watching regularly.

Things I'm boggling at:
there's apparently 2 different "The Bachelor" shows that have aired for 26 season between them
AT&T has a network? And makes it's own TV content?
there is a show called 'Superior Donuts' that that aired a whole season that I've never heard of
South Park was renewed for three seasons- 21st, 22nd, and 23rd! WHY?
The Simpsons is still on the air and renewed for 2 more seasons?
35 seasons of Survivor. THIRTY-FIVE
L&O:SVU is still on the air and will have a 19th season. I wonder if they want it to beat out the mothership's amazing 20yr run
Wow, Netflix has a lot of shows (many of which I've never heard of, despite having Netflix. At least Amazon's original shows I could claim I didn't know of because I don't have Prime)
I never even heard of the channel TRUTV, let alone knew it aired original TV
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Erik Kripke has tweeted that now the show has been picked up for a 10 episode season that will air sometime in 2018 (possibly over the summer, possibly as a midseason replacement starting in Jan-Feb). Some articles are attributing the network's turn around due to fan outrage and the social media storm that arose post cancellation announcement, so yay fans!!

Also, I just have to share this quote tptb gave when asked about 'how gay' S2 of Wynonna Earp will be: "Think like a dolphin at Studio 54. Glitter bomb. Liza Minnelli is there. They lock eyes across a crowded dance floor and Donna Summer is playing. Clay Aiken is there even though it’s the 70s. Mike Pence is like ‘I don’t know about this.’ I’d say capital G Gay.”

I wonder if that means they will be doing more than just the canon f/f then?


May. 11th, 2017 08:12 am
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I think at least someone else on my flist watches this....

Timeless has been cancelled. *sighs* This was one of those shows that I always had that "but" whenever I thought about it. I really liked it! But... there were numerous aspects to it that infuriated and frustrated me. I think it was unfortunate that there were so many time travel shows that wound up coming out at the same time (this fall's Frequency as well as midseason replacement shows Making History and Time After Time have all been cancelled as well) and it's a hard line to straddle - the how do you go to the past with/without affecting the present - which is what Timeless struggled with.

Timeless did a lot of things right. It often dealt with the fact one member of the team was black and another a woman and how society and people in the different times they went to would react to that. It gave nice nods to people in history who had been 'forgotten' or overlooked due to race (Katherine Johnson at NASA, U.S. Marshals Bass Reeves whom the Lone Ranger might be based off of, etc) and also PTSD and the fact that sometimes bad things have to happen if better ones are to occur later. That said, the fact it established in the pilot that their actions could create ripples in time and change the present but then never faced any real changes other than a new Bond movie after that despite making some rather major changes to the past was really annoying. *sighs again*

Here's hoping the actors and all involved move on to bigger and better things.
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Sleepy Hollow has been cancelled :( I know a lot of people ragequit post S3 ending, and many thought it never lived up to S1's promises but I liked S4 and thought there was a lot of potential for future storylines. (And, well, Tom Mison in period garb on my screen on a regular basis? Yes, please.) *sigh*

Emerald City (which I posted about a bit back) was also cancelled, but I can't say I'm surprised about that. I think it probably would have worked better if they sold it as a 'television event' as opposed to as S1 of a tv show and with only a little tweaking it would have worked really well as that and left the door open for further 'events'/seasons if those were to happen. Oh well.

I'm not watching anything that's currently airing and it's a really weird feeling. I decided not to pick up Supernatural and Blacklist again when their seasons began this fall. I gave up on iZombie, Flash, Blindspot, the Magicians and Arrow at various points into their current season (although I will watch the Arrow finale due to a returning guest star) and I just couldn't be bothered to watch Lucifer when it returned last week (I may still catch up, I dunno). It's frustrating. I want to have shows. But...

This summer Stitchers, Killjoys and Wynonna Earp will be returning so that's something at least.

I need to get off my butt and quit looking at all the NPT prompts and thinking "ooh, shiny" and actually open up a word doc and start writing one. (The prompts are all here for those who might be interested)
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After seeing a gifset on that whumpers tumblr I wound up bingewatching all of "Stitchers" (2 seasons of 10 eps each, a 3rd will air this summer). Which is one of those 'small group from secret government agency solve crimes' shows but the characters are engaging and they hit the right level of case-of-the-week vs overall season story arc that works for me. Also, it's from the Freeform (formally ABCFamily) channel so mostly if there's violence or sex it's alluded to instead of shown and that makes a nice change since it requires writers to come up with dialog and things like that instead of just going for the shocks and tits and ass. It's also got some familiar faces - the people who played Allison on Eureka and Claudia on Warehouse 13 oh, and Oded Fehr- who is now a lovely silver fox- guest stars. :D (The premise of the show, btw, is sciencey people figure out how to put main character into memories of dead person. Ridiculous sounding, but they sell it well.)

iZombie just came back. While I like the show, it's always straddled the line for embarrassment squick (as Liv takes on personality traits of the victims) for me and appears to be doubling that with Major also slotting into that role this season. *Sigh* Also, the premise of the show is getting strained as they add in more arcing SL ideas and whatnot and move away from the case-of-the-week format as a result I'm not sure if I'll continue to watch it as a result. *Double sigh*

The prompts for Night on Fic Mountain (small fandom exchange similar to Yuletide) are available and I was so excited to see a prompt for tiny-fandom-of-my-heart but then realized it's basically the same as a yuletide prompt for that fandom and the requester obviously interprets the fandom radically different than I. *sighs* Maybe there'll be a Not Prime Time req that catches my eye that I can treat.

Due to the craziness here and other factors I'm not hosting a seder this year and flaky sister didn't step up so I won't even be attending one this year, which feels oddly strange. Also, due to health issues, I'm not entirely sure how carefully I'll be keeping Passover this year or for how long. :(

I found the best thing out via tumblr the other day. Apparently pygmy marmosets like toothbrush massages. You're welcome.
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So I just bingewatched all off Emerald City (10 episode show that aired Jan-Mar of this year and with no word for renewal as of yet) which is a gritty retelling of the Oz story. My interest in it was mostly piqued by a post on whumpersunited's tumblr detailing all the whump and h/c one of the characters goes through in the first few episodes (I'm sure news this surprises no one- sexy, stoic, injured amnesiac? Sign me up.). The whump was glorious and the story for the first half really good. I don't know the Oz books at ALL so I can't say if some of the twists and turns were actual 'twists' but overall it was a good enough story, if flagging a bit in the later episodes. It didn't end on a complete cliffhanger, but pretty close. If it returns, I'll probably watch it, but, kind of like Damien and numerous other shows of late, I won't be broken up if it doesn't.

I've been paging through and may have stumbled on other shows to watch as a result. Handsome guys hurting has always been the best part of a canon for me for as long as I can remember, it's not a guarantee I'll keep watching, but it will at least encourage me to turn in to check it out. (That one gif of Percival carrying Merlin? The only reason I checked out the show after being bored and noping out of the pilot years earlier) Gifs are telling me there is an amazing amount of whump in the most recent seasons of Teen Wolf, SPN, Arrow and Flash but sanity is telling me not to go back down those rabbit holes. We'll see if sanity prevails or not. :)

Nominations for Not Prime Time - a 'medium sized' fandom (aka the larger Yuletide eligible ones up to anything smaller than the powerhouse fandoms with 20k+ fics) fic exchange - are going on now. I've treated and Pinch Hit for it in the past so nommed some fandoms I'd like to write in in hopes someone requests it. (Hey, it worked for yuletide! I wound up treating the heck out of the Losers and if I hadn't nommed it that couldn't have happened.) It is taking the new trend of nomming character relationships vs just characters which, since I'm not the best slasher, might affect my ability to write, but oh well. There's a number of people on my flist who write in eligible fandoms so if you think you might be interested, go check it out.
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So with so many shows having different length seasons several have already run their course for the season.

Lethal Weapon wound up being amazing. It did the 'it looks like we're going to take the typical way out for this one storyline but NOPE' (which is what I'd hoped it would do) but then took it a step further with a twist I didn't see coming. As a result I kind of want to rewatch most of the season to see if they'd teased it and I just missed it. That's the best kind of feeling about a show.

Grimm's series finale aired today and... wow. I only bothered with it this year because I knew the sixth season was its last and it was given the 13 episodes to sum everything up. To be kind, suffice it to say it didn't do a great job at it.

Sleepy Hollow aired its season (and possible series) finale today too. I know the show got a lot of flack for Abbie's fate last year but I actually liked this season. And it ended in a decent place in case it wasn't renewed.

Legends of Tomorrow finishes up next week. I dunno.. we'll see what happens. If I never have to see DCTV's Damien Dhark or Malcolm Merlyn again it will be too soon. I just want to watch the White Canary's bisexual romps through history. Is that too much to ask? (apparently so)

Hubby flies home Sunday after being gone nearly all month, the longest we've been apart since... well a very long time. Possibly before some of my flist was even born. I cannot WAIT until he's home again.

Molly and I randomly came across a turkey on our walk the other day. They are SO much bigger than any kind of wildlife we usually come across but she was not impressed (perhaps slightly confused, but unimpressed). The plastic bag that blew past us a few minutes later however, was terrifying. Utterly TERRIFYING. Dogs. So weird.
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I've really been enjoying the new show Lethal Weapon (which has already been renewed, YAY) and was impressed with how they updated it to be even more inclusive with POCs but in last night's episode it got even more inclusive- when calling the Captain (the only white character other than Riggs) but needing to make sure no one knows who he's talking to, Roger tells the Captain to pretend he's "Todd".... who is apparently the Captain's husband. Now, a previous episode had the Captain bemoaning a visit with his inlaws so I'd assumed he was your basic straight, white boring character. Way to prove me wrong, show!!

I am loving this new trend in shows- Timeless earlier had the Department of Homeland Security agent in charge invite Lucy to her house to meet her wife and kids.

Captain Avery and Agent Christopher are just people, their sexual preference is just a small part of who they are not the entirety of their characterization. This is a great trend, Hollywood. Keep it up.
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So Sherlock was a thing that happened.

S4 was both worse and better than I'd hoped, especially since I'd thought The Abominable Bride was a hideous mess. They tried some effects they really, really didn't have the budget for and were laughably, extremely bad as a result. Some of the powerful acting moments were actually powerful. Some of the writing/action was godawful and unbelievable (John's reaction to *spoiler* at the end of episode 1 was to basically do nothing medically speaking? Sorry, for an army doctor that was OOC to me) some was amazing. The zillion of ACD nods were cute/fun, if sprinkled a tad too overzealously. The ending worked just fine as a ending for the show in general if they chose not to make more episodes. It didn't really spark a new fannish interest in the show for me, but at least (unlike CA:CW) it didn't sour anything for me either so that's something at least.

Timeless and Lucifer return tonight. *crosses fingers they'll be decent*

Grimm has been pretty much a huge mess, but I am enjoying Sleepy Hollow's direction.

I did catch up with Legends of Tomorrow but I'll probably be giving the rest of the season a pass. I loathe both Damien Darkh and Malcolm Merlyn, I really wish DCTV would just remove them from the canvas. *sigh*

Dusty has taken to worming under blankets on the couch before falling asleep, causing minor heart attacks when suddenly the pile of blankets next to you sneeze or start to purr or snore. Cats. What can you do.
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So, after 3 or so years, I randomly started watching NCIS:LA again. I started with a cable channel's marathons of some of the episodes I missed and then began watching this season's offerings. Last month Tony Dinozzo crossed over and I put off watching that ep for a while (I mostly quit watching NCIS itself mostly due to the way they were writing Tony and having the other characters respond to him) but he was written well! Yes, there was little character growth/development from when I'd last seen him but he was competent and clever and funny so I decided to try out the NCIS mothership itself.

I was shocked as hell to find Joel Gretsch (aka Stan Burley) guest starring in it! Stan, Gibbs' former senior agent prior to Dinozzo, had always been a fixture in fanfic despite only appearing in one episode early in S1. (Yes, this was probably due to his being one of the few named agents who hadn't been killed off, but still). Since Tim knew him (despite not being in "High Seas") I figured Stan must have guest starred since then so I looked him up and apparently he was in both a S9 and S10 ep as well. That means he went 8 and a half seasons (202 episodes) in between appearances. I wonder if that's a record.

possibly vaguely spoilerish? ) also appeared. And it was done well! The team was really nice and surprisingly supportive/kind in response (a nice change considering their previous response was awful).

All in all a good episode! Not a lot of character development/growth/change since I stopped watching 4 or 5 seasons ago or whenever that was (which was yet another reason for quitting) but if Tony's not going to be constantly put down and treated as comic relief instead of a real character I might keep checking it out for a bit.

Humorously, over on NCIS:LA, the season opened with Callen *still* trying to find out about his past. Good to know some things never change....
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Sort of got to see the blood moon last night, the weather was meh so we didn't stay outside to see the eclipse though. *shakes a halfhearted fist at Mother Nature*

Life without kids in the house is weird. I buy (comparatively) NO food now. I suppose that's not surprising since even though only one was home last year it's amazing how much a teenage boy can eat. Other than how much food to buy the other big difference is walking Molly. Technically she is daughter's dog and even though I still wind up walking Molls a lot when she's home, having more than Hub and me here did mean we didn't have to be in charge of all 4 of her daily walks. The weather's been lousy lately, it'd be nice if someone else had to get soaked while taking her out once in a while.

Let's see, what else... Ah, more tv has premiered.

Limitless- apparently this is a spin off of sorts of some movie (staring Bradley Cooper maybe?) that I never watched. Knowledge of the movie background wasn't needed though, which was nice. The pilot had potential, but I didn't find the main character terribly engaging. It was decent enough though, so I'll probably watch a few more episodes at least.

Rosewood- this bored me and I've seen a variation of the set up a million times (to some extent in The Mentalist, Elementary/Sherlock, House, anytime someone (slightly abrasive) is a consultant helping solve crimes/medical mysteries). I didn't care about either the case or any of the characters. I won't be watching again.

Quantico- what an overblown, unengaging, boring mess. I fail to see how this could be an ongoing series vs a contained miniseries. So many of the "twists" were obvious and other supposedly shocking or surprising moments, well, weren't. Very disappointing.

Oh, forgot to mention The Librarians previously, there was a marathon of it on TNT labor day weekend so I binge watched it. I never saw the movies (not a Noah Wyle fan) but I didn't need any previous knowledge to enjoy the series. It's done by the guys behind Leverage and it shows- similar team dynamics and interplay and more fun than serious plots. Wyle (as the Librarian) still shows up a bunch but the series focuses on three Librarians-in-training and their "Guardian" (guard/protector/whatever). Pretty cute show and very lighthearted overall. Matt Frewer is the recurring baddie and he's always fun to watch. When it returns I'll definitely try to remember to watch it.

For a random link drop to close out this post I'll leave you with some ridiculous football (soccer to Americans) skills last week in the Bundesliga (German professional football league) wherein Robert Lewandowski came in as a substitute and scored an amazing 5 times in 9 minutes. The look on the coach's face at the end is hysterical.
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So, more shows have ended and new (and old) ones are beginning, time for an update!

Bingewatched all of Mr. Robot last week and blather )

Graceland- I gave up on it this season, it just got too frustrating. Did tptb forget the main characters were supposed to be the good guys? *sigh*

Dominion- Not sure this show knows where it's going or how it's going to get there. Also eww )

Gotham- I tried, but I think I give up on this show. Again. Too dark, too nonsensical, too violent, too ridiculous. *sigh* I like a number of the actors involved so hope it does well for their sakes.

Minority Report- The production value of the pilot was incredible, and there were lots of neat gadgets and doodads shown in this world which were interesting and well done, but I seriously doubt they'll be able to keep it up. I do also like the diverse casting but overall the show was mediocre. If I remember I'll continue to watch and hope it improves.

Blindspot- Not sure it can keep the premise up but Jamie Alexander (aka Sif of MCU fame) is awesome so there is that. The pilot, at least, was interesting enough.

Yuletide is starting to ramp up, nominations opening on the 25th. Not sure what I'll be nomming or requesting, hopefully I can come up with at least the minimum number of reqs needed to sign up.
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Wow, I have barely posted this year. I did intend to but, well, the road to hell and all that.

It's just me and the animals at home for a bit as Hub gets son settled at college which feels weird. Molly (the dog) misses her girl (who's off at college herself) like crazy, or at least I assume so, she spends her day on her chair sleeping or looking bored and pathetic but that's part and parcel for her so it's hard to tell. The cats are getting along as well as ever (aka Santini and Kato get in arguments over who is supposed to be licking the other's head and Dusty hisses at Tini whenever he tries to get her to play).

Fannish-wise I've been into a few things this summer. I am watching/watched the new seasons of Teen Wolf (although question why more and more every episode), Graceland (ditto), Hannibal (more for its visual beauty than what it considers plot), and Dominion (whose second season has added even more interesting world building and amazing wingporn) while getting drawn into the new show Killjoys (the Syfy/Space channel show), watching all of Sense8 on Netflix in one day and all 4 seasons of a BBC show Death in Paradise (excellent mystery series, especially the first two seasons).

Sense8 babble )

Killjoys squee )

Murder in Paradise babble )

Hmm, I was sure there was more I wanted to blather about but now I can't remember. Oh well. Hope all's good with everybody.
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In case anyone on my flist is considering watching the season 2 premiere please be aware there are two different scenes that could be triggery:

#1 )

#2 )

If anyone is only watching for the guest star scenes with spoiler#3 ) then I strongly recommend you only watch the first five minutes and then turn it off.
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Wow, I suck at getting these out.

Almost Human and Teen Wolf have ended. Almost Human never morphed into the show it could be and I don't know if it'll be renewed, I find that I don't care. Teen Wolf was great up until the last five second random event/cliffhanger which is something I dread, but oh well. I find myself at odds with the Teen Wolf fandom though because I just can't whip myself into a frothing rage over the main character death like everyone else is. Every time someone dies, it is just not a misogynistic horrible fridging event in my opinion.

Intelligence ends next week, technically the season finale, but I doubt it'll be renewed, so yet another show that could have/should have been more than it was. Still, strong heroic female characters in charge and bechdel test passing show was nice while it lasted.

The Blacklist needs help with how it writes its main female character. We're supposed to be engaged by her and care and whatnot but I do not in the slightest. Whoever is doing the lighting and makeup though deserves awards; the framing on Ressler combined with Diego Klattenhoff's acting has been amazing.

TPTB behind SHIELD are really pissing me off because they claim that this coming week's ep leads into Captain America 2 and then the week after's will have spoilers for the movie which... really? I don't see movies opening weekend, I don't like feeling manipulated into doing it either. I just feel that they have no idea what it takes to make a good show or why their show is failing to be a hit in the ratings (I assume it has something to do with the unengaging characters, pathetic plots, sloppy writing and mediocre acting but that's just me.) Their supposed Thor:TDW tie in episode didn't really tie in at all and I watched it and the Sif one without having seen the movie, but I didn't care about Thor as much as I do about Cap2 so mostly I'm just left annoyed by this recent announcement and it's encouraging me to quit watching the show.

There are other shows I watch and would be happy to blither about with people, but they're all kind of just... there and I can't come up with much to comment about them.
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In a recent episode of a current TV show our group of valiant heroes came up against a woman with the power to control people (men in particular). They were warned that it was impossible to resist and the BIGBAD would force them to do her bidding.

So, of course, HEROGUY falls under her spell. He is forced to turn on his teammates and do as she commands (they've made it clear that people under her control are aware of their actions but unable to resist) and they spend the night together. We see them kissing and then later the team (including HEROGUY's current no-strings-attached lover) sees a bed that has obvious been used.

There has been no mention anywhere I've seen that THIS IS RAPE. He wasn't capable of consent, he could not say no. The show not only didn't deal with that aspect of it, but they actually had him apologizing to the lover character only to be punched HARD IN THE FACE.

In fact, the only comments and posts I've seen are in favor of the lover character's actions and cheering her for hitting him, if not suggesting she should have done more. (Well, that and a shipwar that's apparently blowup as a result of a random comment made by the BIGBAD character, but that's neither here nor there.)

I am just so disappointed and annoyed by that reaction. Is it because the non-consenting party in this case was male? Does that make him any less violated?


The show was Agents of SHIELD, ep 1x15 btw, if you want to make sure you skip it


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