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I'm going to try to do more than just a list this year, we'll see how it works.

Yuletide blatherings, writing processes and thinky thoughts.... )

Overall, I'm really happy with how Yuletide turned out this year. I got an awesome fic (Longstreet/Nero Wolfe crossover!!! Woot!) and wrote just over 26k worth of stories and most of the recips commented and seemed to really like their fics so success all around!! :)

Yuletide Ficlist (all 17 of them!) )
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7 of them this time )

Somehow I failed to write any drabbles this yuletide but despite all the RL craziness I did manage 2 ficlets and 5 full length fics for a total of 8424 words.

Note: These are all AO3 links; now that the archive exists, I think I'm going to stop putting things up on [ profile] donutville.
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Actually just December fic..

The Strange Sight
, Guardians of the Galaxy, It's not as if Rocket was helping out of the goodness of his heart, he just liked fixing things, rated G, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)

This is the last ffw that I'm claiming, I really haven't been happy with my output for that comm lately and found their amnesty rounds really stressful so I decided to take a break from the comm, ending my streak of 57 challenges in a row, but I felt so relieved having done it. Now I just need to get my act together and do a 2014 list.
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All 18 of them )

3 drabbles, 1 ficlet and 14 full length stories for 19150 words (18250?)

Note: These are all AO3 links, I haven't put them up on [ profile] donutville yet and I'm not sure I will.

I wrote something other than gen for the first time for Yuletide, although, to be honest, I'm not sure how well received the f/f was. The m/m and m/m/f were more my typical style of alluding to the relationship subtly as opposed to overtly and I think they worked better. I really liked how the found family fics for the Flash turned out though and I thought my use of the 'sharing blankets for warmth' trope worked nicely for how I see Ichabod and Abbie's relationship. Hopefully everyone enjoyed their treats.
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How is it December already?

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5 drabbles, 2 ficlets and 1 full length stories for 4788 words

It makes me sad to acknowledge that I'm not going to do [ profile] consci_fan_mo this year, not really. Without the prompts it's just too stressful and I've already done a ridiculous number of drabbles for the year. I'll try to come up with something for my annual original work and I might do a ficlet here and there, but that's it.
I have been working hard on [ profile] yuletide this year. So far I've posted 4 fics to the collection and I've another with a beta and I'm working on yet another so that's something, right?
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Data for the Soul, Alphas, Gary saw music in the data streams, rated G, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
Salinity Schminity, Hawaii Five-0, Danny doesn't think Steve is a trouble magnet, he knows he is, rated G, 336 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Living the Dream, Calvin and Hobbes, The parenting books hadn't prepared her for Calvin, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Needing to Soar, Arrow, Sara Lance/Nyssa al Ghul, They knew the consequences, rated PG, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
Panoramic View, Forever, They knew the consequences, rated G, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)

5 fics, 4 drabbles, 1 ficlet, 736 words

Yuletide assignments have gone out, I actually have someone who's put up a letter this time! Woot!
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How is it October already?

The fics )

12 fics (6 drabbles, 5 ficlets and 1 full length fic) for 7073 words in 10 fandoms :)

I haven't been great about keeping up the journaling aspect of LJ so quickly- life is a little chaotic because daughter has just started college (all the way off in PA) and meanwhile son is in the middle of the applying for colleges/last yr of HS phase. There's been a bunch of pressure from inlaws as to college choices and what's "acceptable" and fun stuff like that. And poor Molly (the dog) is not adjusting too well to daughter being gone- she's had to switch from spending the day sleeping upstairs on daughter's bed to spending the day sleeping on her chair in the mainroom.

Fandom-wise, I'm still chugging along in my attempts to be as multifannish as possible. The new TV season hasn't had anything great pop up- I'm watching Gotham (meh), Sleepy Hollow (Whee!), The Blacklist (decent), SHIELD (blargh), Forever (new show- a combo of New Amsterdam and Sherlock, has potential but...), Legends (decent), and Haven (improved a LOT) with Flash, SPN, and Arrow starting next week. Eventually White Collar, Grimm and Constantine will be added as well when they start airing. Person of Interest and Elementary were dropped due to lack of interest/other things on at the same time. Not sure what I'll do in the SPN/SHIELD timeslot sharing issue, SPN will probably win out.

Yuletide signups will be soonish which is all kinds of exciting, I'll definitely be signing up.

Anyone up to anything interesting?

800 ficlist

Sep. 6th, 2014 08:27 pm
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I always forget to do these right away, but at least I was able to figure out the numbers.

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Only three fics posted to my LJ but I've the [community profile] fic_promptly challenge week fills to post still:

The Rising Night- In the Flesh, spoilers for both seasons, Jem supposed that it made sense that her relationship with her brother had changed, but she didn't have to like it, rated G, 338 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
Vision of Similitude- Vikings, Ragnar may never truly understand Athelstan, but he will certainly appreciate him, rated R, 100 words
Inner Enemy- Magnificent Seven, The hardest hatred to face is one's own, rated PG, 697 words

1 drabble, 2 ficlets, 3 fics for 1135 words.

This month I watched:
all 9 episodes In the Flesh (*cough*), a really interesting non-apocalyptic partial zombie British show with canon gay characters and a lot of social commentary- definitely worth watching
Some of The Almighty Johnsons (currently airing S1 on SYFY, 3 seasons/37 eps aired in NZ), a comedy/drama about a NZ set of brothers who are (sort of) Norse gods reincarnated. Cute overall, I'll probably try to watch the rest.
a few episodes of Vikings, which was far too violent with too much sex for my tastes
a good chunk of Graceland (*cough*) which is currently airing its second season on USA. It's a show about undercover agents of various US agencies who share a house. It's typical USA fare with a bit more sex and violence than usual but not overly so. It's... alright. Ish. Not sure I'll catch up completely or purposely watch all the eps.
and Dominion (*cough*), which was fascinating world building of what happens if angels (very different from SPN's angels) decide to take out humanity and take over the world. Only 8 episodes in the first season, lots of familiar faces, actors-wise, twists and turns in the plot that I didn't expect... I liked it a lot and hope it gets renewed.
Also, I watched/am watching S3 and S4 and S5 (as it airs) of The Great British Bake Off, a really nice baking competition from the UK.
and Legends, a tv show starring Sean Bean as an undercover agent who sometimes gets lost in the legend (fake, created persona) he uses when working. Decent so far, but may or may not work in the long run.

New shows start soon and old ones return too, so it'll be a nice and fannish time soonish!

How's my flist? Into anything interesting?
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32 stories with 16068 words )

Grand total 19 drabbles, 7 ficlets and 6 full length fics for 32 stories with 16068 words

Even though my brain crapped out on the watsons-woes I still managed to write for NINE different Sherlock Holmes fandoms (ACD books, BBC, Elementary, Granada, Great Mouse Detective, RDJ movies, RoxburghHolmes&HartWatsonverse, Russian!Holmes (80s), and Without a Clue) which I'm pretty proud of. :)
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Title: Who I Am and May Not Be
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., rated G
Beta: [ profile] morbane
Word Count: 1224 words

 A lot of what S.H.I.E.L.D. is today is tied up with who the Howling Commandos were, which is why Jemma is excited when she finds out about Trip's background. Fitz, however, is less than thrilled. (Set during 1x18 on the Bus on the way to Providence.)
Author's Note: Written as a pinch hit for [ profile] afrocurl for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Title: In the Hands of One Like Me
Captain America 2, pre-Steve/Maria, G
Beta: [ profile] morbane
Word Count: 5465

 The search for one thing may have led Steve to something else entirely.
Author's Note: A treat for [ profile] tielan for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Title: Girls Night In
Arrow fandom, Sara/Felicity, rated R
Beta: [ profile] elliemurasaki
Word Count: 1003 words

 After a trying day Felicity returns home to relax. Little did she know Sara was waiting for her there and had other plans.
Author's Note: A treat for [ profile] moontyger for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Title: Together Again and Always
Doctor Who/Torchwood, character death alluded to, rated PG
Word Count: 1034 words

 Jack Harkness is a constant in Martha's life.
Author's Note: A treat for failsafe on AO3 for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Drabble written for NPT madness:

Title: Man Not Mantle
Captain America 2, rated G
Word Count: 100 words

 Sam wants to help Steve, if he's able.
Author's Note: A treat for Liviania on AO3 for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Title: Unexpected but not Unwelcome
Hawkeye (comics), rated G
Word Count: 100 words

 It's always after you get settled on the couch that someone knocks on the door.
Author's Note: A treat for [ profile] framlingem for Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.

Title: Sated and Secure
Arrow Fandom, It was everything she could have hoped for. And more, rated NC-17
Word Count: 100 words

 It was everything she could have hoped for. And more.
Author's Note: A treat for the NPT producer of Not Prime Time. On AO3 here.
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Pushing Through the Darkness to the Other Side- Magnificent Seven, There isn't much they can do other than wait and see, G, 500 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
Just Again and Always- Arrow fandom, Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance,
 Leaving Starling City was hard, but returning to Nyssa? Easy, R, 100 words, ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
Time, in Passing and Ceasing to Be- Arrow, Feliciy Smoak/Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance, Since getting drawn into the Arrow's world Felicity learned many things, NC-17, 679 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
The Differences in Yesterdays and Todays- Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., unspecific character death, Looking at him through the sniper rifle was really no different, rated R, 100 words ([ profile] comment_fic)

4 fic- 2 ficlets, 2 drabbles, 1379 words

Busy, busy, busy. Keeping up with ffw and trying to write a treat or two for [ profile] not_primetime and now there's watsons-woes July writing prompts as well. I was too busy with fic-o-doom to do many of the practice ones, but I *will* be doing JWP, just like I do every year!
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Daily Lessons- Southland, John is a training officer, rated G, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
The World Again, a Step to the Left- Sherlock (BBC), Moriarty was back and destroying everything and everyone who got between him and a certain artefact, one that John was desperately trying to get to Sherlock. When Moriarty found him John thought it might be the end, that he was going to die. When Moriarty shot him he was sure of it. But then John woke up in a world that wasn't his own, where Moriarty was dead but everyone else was alive and he wasn't sure how he got there or how to get back, or even if he wanted to, rated G, 38712 words (Currently only on AO3)
Signed with a Step and a Beat of a Wing- Captain America 2, Sam's footing took a bit of time to find, rated G, 706 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
The Elegant Dance- Avengers, There were many ways to touch, this was by far her favorite, rated R, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
The Aftereffects When Alone in the Dark (The Not Okay Remix), Teen Wolf, The nogistune may be gone, but its influence isn't, rated G, 1023 words ([ profile] remixers_lounge)

2 drabbles, 1 ficlet, 1 full length fics for 5 stories and *boggles* 40641 words *boggles some more*

Something you're proud of: Holy cow I finished fic-o-doom! I actually wrote a 38k story! And it was a casefic! Me, the person who *never* writes long managed to write something almost 2x longer than either of the bigbangs I wrote (in '08 and '09) and almost 3x as long as the next longest story (14k in '12) and thanks to it and my yuletide output and general writing it means I've already written and posted more words this year than any year since 2009.
Something you're surprised by: I managed a fairly explicit het drabble.
Something to do better: Can't say there's much I can think of to put here this month, other than to actually get the ficlist out closer to the beginning of the month from now on.
Something you notice about your work: Hmmm, sometimes I get lost in research to a ridiculous extent. At one point I had 24 tabs about the Amber Room open and 7 books out from the library even though I knew few people would read a 30k+ word gen casefic and it was unlikely those who did would really care about the uberspecifics of an artefact that didn't exist that was supposedly vaguely related to the Amber Room.
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Just a wee bit late with this one. *shhhh*

Read more... )

3 ficlets, 1 drabble. 4 stories for 1192 words

My remix story is still anon but I'll be linking to that after reveals and *gulp* this Thursday I'll be posting my FIC-O-DOOM, which is currently at beta. It is a little less than 40k words long and I have been thinking about how to post it. In this case the fic has POV switches which would make good breaking periods, but they are uneven, at (give or take) 7k, 3k, 6k, 4k, 6k, 4k, 10k. So I have a question for all of you:

Okay, I can't get the poll to work so just let me know if you reading a 40k fic, would rather it was posted on AO3:

1) All in one chapter.
2) In several chapters, broken up according to plot flow.
3) In several chapters of equalish length.
4) Some other option I will explain in the comments.

Opinions? Suggestions? Anyone?
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A short one again, as most of my fannish output is still being directed to my Sherlock AU-trope fic-o-doom (which just passed 30k! THIRTY THOUSAND WORDS OMG)

Guardians and the Guarded- Arrow, Felicity/Sara, Sara watches over Felicity, rated PG, 522 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)
The Shone Light- Supernatural, Every once in a while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right. Or, Sam learns something he never expected, rated G, 1097 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks
To See and Observe- Sherlock (BBC), The message came a moment too late, rated G, 200 words ([ profile] watsons_woes)
Alone at the Crossroads, Observed- The Blacklist, spoilers for 1x16, Raymond Reddington saw the events surrounding Mako Tanida's actions as an opportunity, rated PG, 100 words ([ profile] fan_flashworks)

4 fics, 1 drabble, 2 ficlets, 1 full length fic, 1919 words
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3 fics, 1 drabble, 1 ficlet and 1 full length )
Not going to do a breakdown of how the month went since for the zillionth time I only posted [ profile] fan_flashworks fics, but I am happy I managed to make one of those full length and I'm (OMG) 13k into my Sherlock trope fic and really uncertain how long it's going wind up being.
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19 fic, 7 full length, 6 ficlet, 6 drabble- 13907 words )
Something you're proud of: What an awesome, amazing output for Yuletide! So happy with it!
Something you're surprised by: *points above*
Something to do better: I'm actually really happy with this month's showing, even discounting Yuletide since it was actually written in November and December there is still three ficlets in three different fandoms.
Something you notice about your work: I have a ridiculous fannish spread?


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