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Multilingual versions of Disney animated songs. WOW.

(This is my favorite because the Hebrew choir part is actually something I've heard and sung before)

And this one? WOW, so utterly amazing.

(There are apparently a ton of similarly done clips on youtube. I had NO IDEA)
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(An excerpt from Let’s Pretend This Never Happened: A Mostly True Memoir by The Bloggess where she talks of some of her experiences working in the HR department.)

Today I interviewed someone who handed me a résumé saying that he’d worked at Helping Hand-Jobs. I choked on my own spit and couldn’t stop coughing. Later I showed it to the interviewer in the next office. She told me that her brother had worked there once but had quit because all the manual labor had given him heatstroke. After I started coughing again she realized my confusion and explained that it was actually named Helping-Hand Jobs and was a handyman service.

Never underestimate the power of punctuation, people.
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Cuteness to take you into the weekend

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As I mentioned earlier, I won [ profile] yuletide_squee's contest for posting the most comments on Yuletide fics before the reveal (nearly 100).

I asked Sirothello (go check out her stuff, it's amazing) if she could draw a picture of Sherlock and his daemon Dagany (from my HDM/Sherlock crossovers Preparing For Change, Haunting Laughter and The Kitchen Equation) and LOOK!!!


I think I must write more in this verse to celebrate. Any requests/thoughts/suggestions?

eta- oh, and does anyone have the photoshop skills to turn it into an icon?
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There. Now, aren't things better?
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I used to do a lot of crafts but had kind of let it fall to the wayside of late, however some posts by [ profile] jadesfire2808 got me to pull out my yarn and crochet hooks and after many (many, many many) false starts I made two scarves, one for my sister and one for her sort-of step daughter for this past Hanukkah.

This is the pattern I used. It's very easy to do, although if you're using a chunky, poofy yarn I'd suggest doing a practice run with some scrap yarn first.

pictures )

Sis actually emailed me to say she loves it and sort-of step niece wore hers the whole time she was there so I'll consider this crochet project one for the win column. Now to decide what to make next....

Start with a starting chain of a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. (For example, 8 + 3 = starting chain of 11; 12 + 3 = starting chain of 15; etc)

Row 1: Chain 5 (counts as first dc and ch 2), sc in 6th chain from hook, ch 2, skip 1 ch, *dc in next ch, ch 2, skip 1 ch, sc in next ch, ch 2, skip 1 ch, repeat from *, end row with dc.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, *sc in dc of previous row, ch 2, dc in sc of previous row, ch 2, repeat from *, end row with sc in third ch of the ch 5.

Row 3: Ch 5, turn, *sc in dc of previous row, ch 2, dc in sc of previous row, ch 2, repeat from *, end row with dc.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until scarf is desired length. Weave in ends.
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"I Had A Shoggoth" written and sung by Tom Smith, ASL interpretation by Judi Miller

Labeled as A kids' song, written for The Funny Music Project, and performed live at MarCon 2008. ASL signing by the amazing Judi Miller, who had no idea what was coming.

Absolutely HYSTERICAL! Watch and laugh!!!
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In case anyone on my flist is in need of a pick-me-up, I bring you:

a lovely website that collects "the Cutest Animal Pictures Around the World"

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Here I am being a bad pet mommy again and taking forever to post their pictures and tell their stories. A lot has happened since I last posted about the animal contingent in this house last March (here). We, sort of accidentally and completely unexpectedly, have adopted another cat.

The how, why and wherefores goes like this:

When daughter isn't home I wind up walking the dog, which (when it's not ridiculously cold, hot or raining, I don't mind since exercise is good and messes in the house are bad). So while kid was at sleep away camp I was walking Molly, 2x a day when I could get my lazy butt in gear to do so.

In the beginning of July I was walking back up the house and spotted something under the stairs that lead up to the deck over the garage- a not-quite kitten (young cat- maybe teenaged or younger)- light colored and in good condition, although very skinny. Molly doesn't notice him (or doesn't care) and since Molly is a bit of a shy, scared doggie, I bring her inside and then go out again with a small bowl of water and put it near the cat, who looks like he was about to make a break for it.

End of story, or so I thought.

Photos and the rest of the story under the cut to save your flist )
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Don't forget to sit back and relax and enjoy your Sunday!

(photo taken by my son last summer)
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Because no Wednesday can be bad if it starts with a basket of puppies, can it?


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