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Does it count as a Supernatural crossover if you're 3k into the story and all that's crossed over is the car?
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Just a question, and I'm not sure of the correct terminology here, but when reading (or writing), do you prefer a tight 3rd person POV  (where all events are seen and interpreted through one character's eyes) or switching between people's 3rd person POV with obvious page breaks or markers to show the new POV?

For example- my entire Charming the Pants off the Pashahads SGA/Jack crossover is told from Sheppard's POV, there is no scene where we see what Jack thinks about falling into the Pegasus Galaxy.  At points there are Sheppard's interpretation of Jack's actions (he notices a hedged answer, an avoided question, but doesn't know why Jack  answered that way).  If it had been written with switching POV's there could be the scene from Shep's perspective, noticing what he notices and wondering about it, followed by the same scene retold from Jack's, where he explained the reasons for saying what he did.  There also could have been scenes left out from the story the way I told it- I never did explain how Jack managed to get his hands on the Pashahads (because Sheppard wasn't there and wouldn't know).

I've been noticing more and more of the latter showing up in stories lately.  Presuming this babble actually makes sense to anyone, do you notice the difference between those types of POV styles and do you like one more than the other?

The Master

Dec. 30th, 2008 10:03 pm
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Delgado vs Ainley.

Over the past week the kids and I have watched "Claws of Axos" and  "Logopolis."   And, I have to admit, I didn't see a huge difference in the two Masters. 

Simm!Master was an entirely different character, but these two seems almost the same.  What sort of differences do you see between Delgado and Ainley's Masters?
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Jack, you won't flirt with Susan Ivanova, but you will with G'Kar? What is wrong with you?

Anyone here know B5 well enough to be able to beta a short scene between our illustrious flirt and the Narn Ambassador?
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I grew up near a lake that was considered haunted.  It had weird geological issues, unusual drowning statistics, and a cool legend associated with it.  I did a bunch of research about it and then used the lake as the base of my tardis bigbang, after adding an alien twist to it.

Would it be sneaky or cheating to write a Supernatural story about the same lake? 


Sep. 20th, 2008 03:17 pm
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1) I've been totally sucked into watching Supernatural again.  I'm sure it won't last (it never does) but for the moment I have the strongest desire to write Jack and Dean meeting in a crossover.  Can anyone else see that?

2) One problem with that is that my head has been anywhere but in the right frame for writing lately.  I've been keeping up with the ncisdrabble100 challenges and wrote some random fluff for the happyfest, but overall.... *blargh*

3) I am constantly amazed by some of the stories asked about on the ficfinder communities- not only that people wrote such crap, but that others are looking for it.
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So, after much consideration, I added two new tags to my LJ  evil club capitulations and stuffedanimal!fic.

I was going to blame [personal profile] rustydog for the latter, but it turns out I had written my first for that category nearly a year ago!

And as for the evil club capitulations, I think we all know who is to blame for that.....

On another note- somehow I've managed 14 fics so far this month!  *phew* which brings the grand total for this journal to 187!  *falls over*
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Dear Mr. Spellchecker,

Gibbs talking about being threatened by an ex-wife with cast iron is a smidge different than being threatened with castration.  The latter probably would have made him a bit more upset.  Quit trying to change it in my story.
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I need help coming up with tv shows that have spies or secret agents in it.  So far I've worked ten into a story (including Jack) and have a few more to try to slip in, but I have to be forgetting some.  Help!!
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Remember Jack?  The guy in my default userpic?  Blue eyes, sweeping coat, sexy as hell?  How on earth could you have lost all your abilities to write for him?  I promise to feed you lots of donuts and mochas if the muse returns and I can start writing again.
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So, if all the incarnations of the Doctor where in the same room how would they insult one another?  Or what would they call each other anyway... (Not that I'm planning on writing the crackfic as mentioned here, but...)

I think they'd be vaguely polite with One so call him 'Old Man' or something...

Two could be "the Clown" and Three  'the Dandy" (as they were called in "The Three Doctors")

Four would probably be a version of "Teeth and Curls" (from "The Five Doctos")

But what about the others?

I was thinking "Celery Boy" or "Cricket Boy" for Five

[personal profile] wolfy_writing suggested "Big Ears" for Nine and "Skinny Boy" for Ten.  And [profile] lullabee_lj suggested "The Professor" for Seven and Romeo for Eight.
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I have signed up for the bronze challenge at [profile] paliphrase  where you write in for the same prompt in ten different fandoms.  *eep*  I chose the prompt "pensive" because I can write deep, thinky stories... but ten fandoms?  What was I thinking?!?!?
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I was meandering about LJ and found [profile] wtf27  a "Where Crack Comes Home To Roost" community.  Except, where Captain Jack Harkness is concerned, many of their wtf prompts are actually canon...

So out of 26 specific prompts 13 are CANON for Jack between Torchwood and Doctor Who and another two (if not more) are completely in character for Jack.  I find that humorous. 
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Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles (to quote "Fiddler") my [community profile] tardis_bigbang is DONE!   Okay, the rough draft only, but STILL....

A super huge thank you to all you wonderful people on my flist who helped when I pestered you with random questions about vegetarians and 1950's cars and fancy computer technology, et cetera...

Soon there will be hopefully be actual writings posted in this journal again, and possibly a writing meme or two.   But for now, it's happy dance time!
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My bigbang has now crossed the 20,000 word mark! 

And yes, if you were wondering I am just posting this so I can put off writing the conclusion because I have no earthly idea how the hell to sum it all up.
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Further proof I should read my comments more carefully before hitting 'post'...

Come Again?
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Yes, it is very important to spend two hours researching the difference between a geological survey and a geographic survey so I can use the right term when Jack dismisses the data presented to him via the report in a brief sentence. 

And no, I'm not wasting time on the minutia because it puts off figuring out the specifics behind the evil alien, or how Jack is going to solve things and what's going to happen next- that's just a bonus.

Anyone have a brain that is functioning?  Mine appears to be stuck on spin cycle.


Feb. 22nd, 2008 10:07 am
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I opened up my bigbang to start working on it for the day and decided to check the word count. 

12345 words.  :) 

Almost makes me not want to write more because that is just SUCH a cool word count.  Nah....
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My bigbang is nearing the 11,000 word mark and I was about to begin to drop hints to what the alien menace was, except now I have a problem.  I just read the Torchwood book  Another Life, and while it's not exactly the alien storyline I was going for there are plenty of similarities.  I don't know what to do.  Should I:

1- Write it the way I planned and hope no one notices the similarities or accuses me of copying the book's premise?

2- Try to figure out a way to rewrite the alien menace to limit the similarities as much as possible?

3- Give up, since there is no way to alter the story to the point that there aren't some basic similarities or assumptions?
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Jack?  Please shut up.  You're supposed to be in a tale of intrigue and aliens, not having tea with a giggling four year old.  Remember the mystery?  The reason this whole stupid story is being written in the first place?  Do you think you can address that part sometime this century?

Plot=hard.  Tea and crumpets=fun.  *sigh*


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