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Wynonna Earp has been renewed! Awesome news all around, apparently SYFY/Space isn't scared off by a female led shows with canon f/f. Kind of surprising that it's only halfway through S2 and they're already announcing S3, but I guess it's due to SDCC hype.

Killjoys has been pretty good this season, the most recent ep gave us a taste of Pree's warlord days and introduced us to both his current (Gared) and his ex (and Pree and Lachlan's 'goodbye' makeout scene was ridiculously hot. I hope we see him again soon) I need to hunt down everything Thom Allison has ever done, I love his Pree and he's wonderfully kind of twitter.

I fell away from Doctor Who a while back, but the new news re: Thirteen's casting is awesome. I just may have to try to start watching again.

I haven't managed much for this year's Watsons-Woes, a combo of uninterest in Sherlock (the past several additions to canon haven't really been my thing), general bad brain and the fact I set myself the goal of writing something I'd be willing to put on AO3 as opposed to just throw on my LJ/DW. Oh well, maybe the last few prompts will spark something.

I'm debating signing up for the newest remix challenge,, which, unlike previous ones, does not allow for turning gen relationships in the original fic into a pairing (all have the rule that if the fic has a A/B relationship you can't change it and remix it to be B/C but the last time I did one it didn't consider that altering A&B to A/B was changing the relationship so that was allowed). I worry a little that I'd get assigned someone who writes only, I don't know, A/B/O HS AUs or something and be stuck trying to figure out a way to write a remix out of something that is not remotely my cup of tea. Signups don't end until 7/30 though, so there's still time to decide.

I'm been doing a lot of genealogy of late. Something I love, but am often hampered by the lack of online resources, location (if only I were still in NY!), money (I can only justify paying for subscriptions to so many sites/ordering so many certificates) and a language barrier. There aren't that many German, Polish or Russian documents available for my tree for me to flail and fail at, but there's quite a lot of church books in Swedish and French (Quebecois technically) that I've been trying to muddle my way through for my husband's. Trying to get through 200 or 300+ year old bad handwriting (sometimes also scanned poorly) in a language I do not know can make for an interesting time. (On that note, if anyone is willing to look at one particular 1819 Quebec marriage record for me, I'd be ridiculously grateful.) By the by, I've also helped create trees for friends, if you're interested in trying to delve into your family's history or expanding on what you know I'd be happy to help. (I have the world subscription and know of a bunch of other sites, some of which are free, so while my expertise is US- particularly NY/NJ/MN, Pale of Jewish Settlement, Canada, and Sweden, I can probably help for just about anywhere.)

Daughter finally arrived home from studying abroad across the pond a few weeks ago. She had a blast and traveled at every opportunity so went all over the UK, Ireland, France, Milan, Italy, Romania, Germany, Latvia, Spain and probably a few places I am forgetting. However it did lead to the great texts like "I'm okay! Was at Notre Dame when everything went down but they herded to a bookstore and locked us in! How awesome is that?" (about the stabbing spree at Notre Dame. She was in Manchester and London the days of the terror events in those places too. Possibly another as well? I can't remember.) She also made it to Oxford and met up with [personal profile] jadesfire there so that was kind of cool. Molly the dog is thrilled to have her girl home, and as a bonus I don't have to walk her in super hot summer humidity anymore now since that's daughter's job when she's here. :)
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After seeing a gifset on that whumpers tumblr I wound up bingewatching all of "Stitchers" (2 seasons of 10 eps each, a 3rd will air this summer). Which is one of those 'small group from secret government agency solve crimes' shows but the characters are engaging and they hit the right level of case-of-the-week vs overall season story arc that works for me. Also, it's from the Freeform (formally ABCFamily) channel so mostly if there's violence or sex it's alluded to instead of shown and that makes a nice change since it requires writers to come up with dialog and things like that instead of just going for the shocks and tits and ass. It's also got some familiar faces - the people who played Allison on Eureka and Claudia on Warehouse 13 oh, and Oded Fehr- who is now a lovely silver fox- guest stars. :D (The premise of the show, btw, is sciencey people figure out how to put main character into memories of dead person. Ridiculous sounding, but they sell it well.)

iZombie just came back. While I like the show, it's always straddled the line for embarrassment squick (as Liv takes on personality traits of the victims) for me and appears to be doubling that with Major also slotting into that role this season. *Sigh* Also, the premise of the show is getting strained as they add in more arcing SL ideas and whatnot and move away from the case-of-the-week format as a result I'm not sure if I'll continue to watch it as a result. *Double sigh*

The prompts for Night on Fic Mountain (small fandom exchange similar to Yuletide) are available and I was so excited to see a prompt for tiny-fandom-of-my-heart but then realized it's basically the same as a yuletide prompt for that fandom and the requester obviously interprets the fandom radically different than I. *sighs* Maybe there'll be a Not Prime Time req that catches my eye that I can treat.

Due to the craziness here and other factors I'm not hosting a seder this year and flaky sister didn't step up so I won't even be attending one this year, which feels oddly strange. Also, due to health issues, I'm not entirely sure how carefully I'll be keeping Passover this year or for how long. :(

I found the best thing out via tumblr the other day. Apparently pygmy marmosets like toothbrush massages. You're welcome.
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So with so many shows having different length seasons several have already run their course for the season.

Lethal Weapon wound up being amazing. It did the 'it looks like we're going to take the typical way out for this one storyline but NOPE' (which is what I'd hoped it would do) but then took it a step further with a twist I didn't see coming. As a result I kind of want to rewatch most of the season to see if they'd teased it and I just missed it. That's the best kind of feeling about a show.

Grimm's series finale aired today and... wow. I only bothered with it this year because I knew the sixth season was its last and it was given the 13 episodes to sum everything up. To be kind, suffice it to say it didn't do a great job at it.

Sleepy Hollow aired its season (and possible series) finale today too. I know the show got a lot of flack for Abbie's fate last year but I actually liked this season. And it ended in a decent place in case it wasn't renewed.

Legends of Tomorrow finishes up next week. I dunno.. we'll see what happens. If I never have to see DCTV's Damien Dhark or Malcolm Merlyn again it will be too soon. I just want to watch the White Canary's bisexual romps through history. Is that too much to ask? (apparently so)

Hubby flies home Sunday after being gone nearly all month, the longest we've been apart since... well a very long time. Possibly before some of my flist was even born. I cannot WAIT until he's home again.

Molly and I randomly came across a turkey on our walk the other day. They are SO much bigger than any kind of wildlife we usually come across but she was not impressed (perhaps slightly confused, but unimpressed). The plastic bag that blew past us a few minutes later however, was terrifying. Utterly TERRIFYING. Dogs. So weird.
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Overall I try to stay away from political rants or flailing in my DW and LJ (because there would be SO much flailing), but I saw this picture of a Muslim girl and Jewish boy protesting next to one another and shared it with [personal profile] ride_4ever who tracked down some updated information about it and it's just so perfect I had to share it with everybody else:

Nine-year-old Adin sits on his father Rabbi Jordan Bendat-Appell's shoulders smiling at Meryem, 7, who sits on her father Fatih Yildirim's shoulders while the dads carry signs saying “empathy" and “we’ve seen this before, never again.”

The two families were at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport Monday night protesting President Donald Trump’s travel ban and got to talking and they're going to meet next Friday for Shabbat dinner. (article one, article two)

There's a lot of awful stuff out there right now, but some good stuff too. Try to remember that.
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So a few weeks ago son and I discovered a rather, shall we say, questionable item at the grocery store

We had a good laugh over the sheer wtfery of it.

Then I made the mistake of sending him to pick up a few things on his own. The following is now being made in my kitchen....

(He's taking them to a friend's house where a group of them are going to consume and mock them.)

(The gummy bears' colors keep getting brighter, I am teetering between scared and disturbed.)
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I am a bad pet owner and haven't ever posted pictures of our new doggie and haven't posted about the kitties since we got them. *lashes self with wet noodle*

Plenty of pictures within! )
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Awww, Jan Rubes- known to my flist as Daniel Jackson's grandfather Nick Ballard on SG1 and the coroner Dr. Mort Gustafson on Due South- just died. He was 89.

His imdb page.
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Remember how the US had elections last November? The MN senate race was deemed too close to call and has been in contention ever since. (I posted about it back then here.) Well, first there was a recount. Then a court case. Then an appeal. But FINALLY the MN Supreme Court has ruled in Franken's favor and Coleman has officially conceded!!!

MPR article. Newspaper article.

It's about bloody time.
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I am confused....

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I just gave the cat a small piece of chicken. He accidentally dropped it on his tail.

He saw where it landed and started going in a circle to get it.

And circled and circled and circled....

I should feel bad at laughing. Really.
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I'm sure everyone has read about this already, but just in case you haven't be aware that over the weekend people began noticing that Amazon took down the ratings of many GLBTQ books (fiction and nonfiction) claiming adult content issues, while leaving the ratings for sex toys, playboy books and things of those nature.

For all the info you'll need to understand this please see hllangel's post

There's the possibility it was all some sort of badly planned out glitch, but it seems unlikely.

And because I forgot to post it last night- google bomb: Amazon Rank
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I bought a big huge dove chocolate bar to eat during Passover when I was doing the shopping for the Seder.

Now I can't find it.

I am a very unhappy camper.


Mar. 24th, 2009 12:22 pm
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On Saturday we drove down to the National Eagle Center about 2 hours south and east of here.

many many pictures, not dial-up friendly ahead )
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Dear Mother Nature,

Last Wednesday it was -23 with windchill. Monday it was 67. Today it is 34 and snowing.

Please make up for mind before I go insane.

Thank you.

Stupid TV

Jul. 7th, 2008 08:54 pm
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Why do they feel it is necessary to interrupt my shows to tell us it is raining?  Like I couldn't open a window and see that for myself?


Feb. 22nd, 2008 10:07 am
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I opened up my bigbang to start working on it for the day and decided to check the word count. 

12345 words.  :) 

Almost makes me not want to write more because that is just SUCH a cool word count.  Nah....
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Is anyone familiar with the musical (theater version) of "The King and I" and the role of Anna's son Louis and how large a part it is?


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