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Title: Treasure Trove
Doctor Who fandom, technically spoilers for "Earthshock", rated G
Word Count: 100
Summary: The TARDIS and her secrets
Author's Note: Written for day three of [ profile] consci_fan_mo and the [ profile] dw100 prompt: hide.

Treasure Trove
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Stuffedanimal!fic for [ profile] rustydog

Title: Petits Fours For Me And You
Doctor Who, Jack, Rose and the Doctor, rated G
Word Count: 268
Summary: The tea party was not what Rose expected.
Author's Note: Written as commentfic for the [ profile] bringthehappy 2009 Happyfest.

Petits Fours For Me And You
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Title: Professor Summerlee And The Bunny Slippers Of Doom
Torchwood fandom, none, rated G
Beta: [ profile] mad_jaks
Word Count: 747
Summary: Why did they have to be bunny slippers?
Author's Notes: Written for my [ profile] cliche_bingo card, which can be found here and for [ profile] rustydog who says there isn't enough stuffedanimal!fic in the world.

"Owen, I need you to fix this and fix it now!"
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Title: So Then What Happened?
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Torchwood/Doctor Who crossover of a sort, none, rated G
Word Count: 925
Beta: [ profile] _medley_ 
Summary: The story of "The Empty Child" as told to a 5 year old by Jack.  Or the beginning of it anyway.
Author's Note: Written for [ profile] rustydog for day thirteen of [ profile] consci_fan_mo  with my OC Maggie, from Unexpected Tourists and Legends and Legacies (although you don't have to read them to understand this story).

Read more... )
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Title: Patches of Kindness
/Rating: SGA fandom, no pairings, minor spoilers for S5, rated G
Word Count: 220
Summary: Teyla is touched by John's actions
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] bringthehappy  happyfest!  See link for happyfest and comments

Teyla’s brow furrowed as she watched Colonel Sheppard approach... )
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Title: Tony and the Ponisaurus
Pairing/Warning/Rating: NCIS fandom, no pairings, rated G
Word Count: 300
Summary:  Tony shows Gibbs an unexpected side of himself.
Author's Note:  Written for [personal profile] awanderingbard's prompt for my most recent meme. 

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Title: How the Doctor Got His Friend
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Jack & Doctor friendship, no spoilers, rated G
Word Count: 574
Summary:  Even teddy bears need friends.
Author's Note:  Written for the [community profile] wintercompanionAU challenge. 

Susan was three when she got the fuzzy teddy bear... )
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Title: Seven's Bear
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Doctor Who fandom, cute overload warning, rated G
Word Count: 635
Summary:  There was a little bear on the TARDIS...
Author's Note: Written by  [ profile] donutsweeper and [ profile] mad_jaks as commentfic with a conclusion added by [ profile] rustydog .  Art by [ profile] mad_jaks and [ profile] rustydog
Now with commentary.

Seven had a bear... )
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Title: The Electric Lime Invitation
Pairing/Warning/Rating: Vague Jack/Ianto, No warnings or spoilers, rated G
Word Count: 497
Beta: [personal profile] unfeathered
Jack gets an invitation he can't refuse.
Author's Note: Written for the wonderiffic [personal profile] rustydog in honor of her birthday, I hope she doesn't mind me posting it a bit early.


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Title:  The Tea Party
Pairing/Rating:  Rated G.  Jack/Tosh if you squint really hard
Summary:  Jack holds an impromptu tea party to help a little girl
Author's Notes: Pure pointless fluff


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