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Jul. 7th, 2008 08:54 pm
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Why do they feel it is necessary to interrupt my shows to tell us it is raining?  Like I couldn't open a window and see that for myself?
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Whoever said "many hand make light work" never went food shopping with pre-teens. 

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This is probably old news to most of my flist, but just in case anyone is as behind as I am

[profile] jimbutcher, author of the Dresden Files series and others, has an LJ page!  It's not updated too frequently, but there are some interesting posts on the art of writing.
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I bought donuts for dessert tonight.  My daughter said "no thanks" and that she wasn't hungry and my son said he'd rather have ice cream.

*sobs quietly in corner*  they said NO to DONUTS!!!!  I am so confused! 
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So I spent all week trying to finesse this drabble for [community profile] tw100's friends and enemies.  Never did get it to work right and now that challenge is over.  *sigh* I hate it when writing's like that.

So, my flist has been quiet lately.  How are all of you?
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I love America...

"David Csaky,  known as "Squirrelman" to his Seattle neighbors, has been living in a homemade tree house with million-dollar views of a lake and Seattle's Queen Anne Hill for the past three years, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. "I was happy as hell," Csaky, 52, told the paper. But his joy has come to an end as officials kicked him off of his perch, constructed on other people's property....Squirrelman has nowhere to go. Officials have approached him with a list of shelters that don't accept pets — Csaky lives with pet rat "Lucky," a ferret named "Rainbow" and an off-balance squirrel called "Tilt" — but all Squirrelman really wants is to live it out for a few more years in his handmade home, the paper said."  (See article for more)

Murry is keeping his eye on this story!
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Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles (to quote "Fiddler") my [community profile] tardis_bigbang is DONE!   Okay, the rough draft only, but STILL....

A super huge thank you to all you wonderful people on my flist who helped when I pestered you with random questions about vegetarians and 1950's cars and fancy computer technology, et cetera...

Soon there will be hopefully be actual writings posted in this journal again, and possibly a writing meme or two.   But for now, it's happy dance time!


Feb. 22nd, 2008 10:07 am
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I opened up my bigbang to start working on it for the day and decided to check the word count. 

12345 words.  :) 

Almost makes me not want to write more because that is just SUCH a cool word count.  Nah....
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My bigbang is nearing the 11,000 word mark and I was about to begin to drop hints to what the alien menace was, except now I have a problem.  I just read the Torchwood book  Another Life, and while it's not exactly the alien storyline I was going for there are plenty of similarities.  I don't know what to do.  Should I:

1- Write it the way I planned and hope no one notices the similarities or accuses me of copying the book's premise?

2- Try to figure out a way to rewrite the alien menace to limit the similarities as much as possible?

3- Give up, since there is no way to alter the story to the point that there aren't some basic similarities or assumptions?
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Just wondering what you all think.  For a story set sometime in America in the 50's (or maybe early 60's I haven't quite decided yet) what car would Jack have rented/borrowed/etc?

eta- probably 50's instead of 60's come to think of it
One suggested is the Studebaker Starliner 


Jan. 2nd, 2008 03:58 pm
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I understand that people are excited about the recent promotional pictures and promos released for Torchwood, but for people who want to stay spoiler-free its annoying when these things pop up as icons.

grrrr and sigh.....
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I just realized Jack is in nearly every thing I've ever written.

Technically , the only stories he doesn't at least vaguely appear in are:

 the cracked out Janet and Diefenbaker dialogue meme drabble, two Owen and Ianto dialogue drabbles, two of the powdered sugar crack!fics, a Ianto-thinking-about-Jack drabble, and the second thing I ever wrote (a drabble where the team is filling out a missing person's report).  Oh, and I guess, theoretically, Jack's not in the fourth part of the Old Man Series. 

Eight things- with the plot of five still focusing on Jack .  And there are 112 posted stories.  Hmmmmm.....


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