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I wanted to share this with you all- thousands of old 78s are being digitized and uploaded to and now available for listening completely free and legally- collection here, article with info about the project here. Eventually 400k songs will be available.

TV-wise, I'm not thrilled with the direction Wynonna Earp took last night, but not surprised by it either. Loved Killjoys though, especially for the flashback and also D'Av's character development. Stitchers is still decent enough a watch, totally as expected for a Freeform (former ABC Family) show. Midnight, Texas has been keeping my interest as well- probably due to it being adapted from books there's quite a bit of world building that's been being revealed in dribs and drabs but I've liked what it's shown so far.

My remix has been fighting me. I will prevail though. I will.
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Awesome resource for you Sherlock Holmes book or Granada canon writers out there. The National Library of Scotland’s Map Department has taken some very high-resolution scans of the 1893 Ordnance Surveyset of 500+ maps of London and reorientated and stitched them together, so that they can be presented seamlessly on top of a “standard” Google web map or OpenStreetMap, with the base map acting as a modern context.

Read about it and then explore them here.
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I'm ashamed to admit I wasn't aware of all of these techniques.

(Posting mostly so I remember about them, but also to share in case anyone else finds it useful)
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For you museum lovers out there, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has put the 125,000 works in its collection online for your viewing pleasure.

They have paintings by Rembrandt and Vermeer and just a ton of other amazing works. Go look!
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The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made many of their out-of-print catalogues and art books available for viewing free online or as PDF downloads.

There are currently 634 titles available with subjects ranging from abstract expressionism to unicorn tapestries, Egyptian hieroglyphs to Chinese calligraphy and Korean Buncheong Ceramics to Vermeer and the Delft School.

Go check it out.
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I used to do a lot of crafts but had kind of let it fall to the wayside of late, however some posts by [ profile] jadesfire2808 got me to pull out my yarn and crochet hooks and after many (many, many many) false starts I made two scarves, one for my sister and one for her sort-of step daughter for this past Hanukkah.

This is the pattern I used. It's very easy to do, although if you're using a chunky, poofy yarn I'd suggest doing a practice run with some scrap yarn first.

pictures )

Sis actually emailed me to say she loves it and sort-of step niece wore hers the whole time she was there so I'll consider this crochet project one for the win column. Now to decide what to make next....

Start with a starting chain of a multiple of 4 stitches plus 3. (For example, 8 + 3 = starting chain of 11; 12 + 3 = starting chain of 15; etc)

Row 1: Chain 5 (counts as first dc and ch 2), sc in 6th chain from hook, ch 2, skip 1 ch, *dc in next ch, ch 2, skip 1 ch, sc in next ch, ch 2, skip 1 ch, repeat from *, end row with dc.

Row 2: Ch 1, turn, *sc in dc of previous row, ch 2, dc in sc of previous row, ch 2, repeat from *, end row with sc in third ch of the ch 5.

Row 3: Ch 5, turn, *sc in dc of previous row, ch 2, dc in sc of previous row, ch 2, repeat from *, end row with dc.

Repeat rows 2 and 3 until scarf is desired length. Weave in ends.
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In case anyone on my flist is in need of a pick-me-up, I bring you:

a lovely website that collects "the Cutest Animal Pictures Around the World"

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Medical resources:

Doctor Grasshopper's blog, written by a first-year resident at a hospital in Boston (especially entries tagged as The Useful Posts) It's it's geared specifically towards helping writers injure or kill their characters in an accurate and convincing way.

Medscape- geared toward doctors but has lots of useful information on illnesses and conditions and their symptoms, treatment options, etc. (Registering is necessary, but free)

Medical Advances Timeline - useful for the 'Was X around then?' sort of question.

The Cascade Hospital - defunct site from "The Sentinel" fandom that is a great resource for how ERs and other sections of a hospital work and what gets treated where and how.

Diverse stuff:

The Writer’s Forensics Blog- You can get lost in this blog, lots and lots of info about various forms and aspects of forensics including dentisty, fingerprints, technology, famous cases, etc, etc. Improbably Research to make people laugh and think. I like the article on the postal experiment, but the entire site is neat. I'm not sure how useful it really is for fic writing, but I thought I'd include it anyway.

More specific stuff:

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning - as a former lifeguard I can say that this article knows what it's talking about. 95% of what you see on TV and in the movies is WRONG regarding drowning. tons and tons of information on guns and weapons, the education page has a lot of specific information on how to shoot and how to clean guns and a lot of other stuff that could come in handy.

The Inception Fic Writer's Guide to Firearms - As the name suggests, it's written as a guide for Inception writers, but most of it is pretty universal and it does a good job in explaining the basics of firearms and also points out what movies/tv shows get wrong. Part I covers safety, usage, and ammo. Part II covers gunshot wounds (including what it's like to get shot) and types of guns. Part III covers carrying guns, holsters, and other accessories (and has a nice bit on laser sights). Part IV covers shooting: aiming, stances, procedure for clearing a room, etc.

IMFDB - the internet movie (and television) firearms database. Information (including screenshots) of the weapons used in movies and on TV shows.

And off topic a bit, but thrown in because it's interesting: the perfect site for figuring out if a word was actually in use when you want to use it.

ETA- Haven't had a chance to look at this yet, but it was recommended on a comm I follow: Psychological Disorders Encyclopedia

Interesting and informative post on guns and gunshot wounds (as related to Sherlock, but generally useful)
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We all need them for one reason or another. But sometimes they can be frustratingly hard to fine. Or, even worse, you have a great site bookmarked and click on it one day to find it's disappeared. Since I know a few of my friends are avid icon makers or wallpaper gurus I thought I'd post the various cap sites I know of to spread the word. And if you know of any I haven't mentioned, please feel free to comment with it.

Links ahead. )
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Anyone know the coding so you can put an image up in a LJ post and if people click on the picture it acts as a link and sends them to a different post?

I've seen people do this when advertising comms or ficfests but I can't figure out how they do it.

[ profile] morgynleri_fic figured it out! YAY!!!!

the trick is:

< a href="URL of post you want to send them to here" >< img src="URL of image here" >< /a >

Take out the spaces after the < and before the >, and voila, you should have a linked image.
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A recent post on [ profile] sherlockbbc reminded me that I always meant to post this here.

Sometimes you want to give information in your fic header, but don't want others to see it unless they truly want to (like a spoiler or warning for you fic). Here two html codes on how to do that:

<span style="color: #ffffff; background-color: #ffffff;"> The stuff you want to hide, which will now be white on white </span>


<span style="color:#000; background:#000;"> info for blacking out goes here </span>

And then it'll come out like this:

And the reader will have to highlight this or highlight this to read what it says.

And if you want to post examples of html code you need this, which explains how to do quotes, brackets, etc so that they will show as brackets, etc and not as part of the html code you're trying to demonstrate.

Other useful HTML code tips are
Mouseover text : Hola <A TITLE="hello"> Hola </A>
Using an Image as a Link
Opening a New Browser Window

and if you want to post an image in the comments when an anon:
<table background="direct image url" height=" " width=" ">

and for spoilers Table coding works. adjust the width according to the length of your text.

<table width=250 height=20><tr><td bgcolor=#000000>Spoiler text here

also useful:
Formatting when anon

<i>text</i> = italic
<b>text</b> = bold
<u>text</u> = underline
<strike>text</strike> = strike
<blink>text</blink> = blink
<tt>text</tt> = typewriter
<font size="1">text</font> small font ("-2" instead of "1" will work as well)
<font size="6">text</font> = large font ("+2" instead of "6" will work as well)

for spoilers: <table width=250 height=20><tr><td bgcolor=#000000>Spoiler text here</td></tr></table> =
Put OMG spoiler text that spoils here

for overly excited sparklely text: <table background=
ylara/pic/0063qfze><tr><td><font size="6"> Sparkle text! </font></td></tr></table> =
Sparkle text!

for overly excited rainbow text: <table background=><tr><td><font size="6"> Rainbow text! </font></td></tr></table> =
Rainbow text!

for images: <table background="put the direct image url here" height="put height here" width="put width here">

have some smilies....

donutsweeper: (Default) is the internet movie (and television) firearms database.

Do you want to be specific about which gun Queen Victoria had in "Tooth and Claw"? Or what Ziva has in her ankle holster?

All the information you could ever need, including screenshots, is right there. Peruse at your leisure.

FYI for general 'how to write guns' info check out the fandom firearm guide tags here
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Have an iphone or ipod touch? Want free apps? There are many times that apps you'd normally pay for are offered free for a day or two. Here are places to find them:

Openfeint's free game of the day

As an FYI sometimes the same app will be listed at more than one site and sometimes the apps are free for only a short time, but I've practically filled my ipod touch since discovering these sites and haven't paid for a single app. is the link to a daily app giveaway as well as a page where promo codes are often listed for random free apps. You can follow them on facebook to find out when they've updated the list or just check it randomly, it seems to be updated every fee days at about midnight est.
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I was compiling these transcript sites and figured my flist might find this useful as well.

Many, many transcripts and subtitles can be found here. What they have is pretty random though.

Downloadable scripts for DW's S4 can be found here.

Old Who transcripts can be found here and here (all of One and Two is done, several Three and a scattershot of others)

DW S1-S4 can be found here (also The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride, Voyage of the Damned and some of the Children in Need specials): All That Hopping.

[ profile] katherine_b has put together the transcript for The Next Doctor, Planet of the Dead, and The Waters of Mars.
Another for Waters of Mars

[ profile] rodneymckay1968 is putting together transcripts of Eleven's episodes, you can find them with this tag (so far only "Eleventh Hour" is up).

TW S1 and S2 are at [ profile] tw_transcripts, listed here. They are also at beccaelizabeth's dreamwidth along with Children of Earth parts 1-3, CoE part 5 is split and uphere and here

NCIS transcripts are available here, but at the moment it only has S1-S4 (click on the VO button)

The majority of Supernatural episode transcripts can be found at the supernatural wiki here.

Most stargate franchise transcripts can be found at gateworld (although only SGA's are available via a handy transcript tag) There are also numerous screencaps available at this site.

M7 transcripts and screengrabs, more here and canon v fanon, facts page and other info

White Collar (transcripts for download) for all episodes up to 2.09- masterlist is here.

NCIS guidebook - THE resource site for NCIS writers

SG1- the ribbons and medals on the uniforms of Sam, Jack, John, Cam and Davis

West Wing
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Stuff about a few specific panels:

Several times it was hard to choose which panel to attend, since so many sounded good. The first one I went to was amazing. It was on beta writing and discussed the different types of betas and the various things to look out for and resources to help. [ profile] michelel72 put together a wonderful post about that panel (much better than I could write)here, including links to all sorts of helpful web pages. Go check it out!

I didn't go to the podfic panel, since it was up against something else I wanted to attend, but I know some people on my flist are interested in it, there are some posts about it here and here.

[ profile] rm did an amazing panel on writing fight scenes. I tried to write everything down, but there was so many interesting things, I'm sure I missed a bunch. But here are some high points of the panel:

this got kind of long )
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Here are some write-ups from other writercon attendees, some for panels I didn't go to, but still sounded interesting. - mintwitch - White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack (PDF) and Derailing for Dummies from evil in our midsts, -ism panel - ism in fandom - genre - hurt/comfort - science vs magic
(all yourlibrarian's - choosing right adjective - language and gender in fanfic writing story arcs - review writing - writing gen fic

metafandom's link round up:


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We all need them for one reason or another. But sometimes they can be frustratingly hard to fine. Or, even worse, you have a great site bookmarked and click on it one day to find it's disappeared. Since I know a few of my friends are avid icon makers or wallpaper gurus I thought I'd post the various cap sites I know of to spread the word. And if you know of any I haven't mentioned, please feel free to comment with it.

Links and babble ahead. )
Picture of wall sculpture in Auggie's apartment

Every New!Who episode and special (also TW)
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The answer, of course, is not that simple. In general, yes. But, specifically? No. And that can lead to difficulties when you are an American trying to write in a British fandom, or an Australian writing an American fandom, or someone who speaks English as a second language trying to write in any fandom.

No one wants to be the writer laughed at for having Gibbs yell, "Hold the lift whilst I grab a carryall from the boot. Dinozzo's jumper is in there." Or, for having the Owen telling Jack "Don't be pissed just 'cause I snapped your suspenders."

Most authors know how to avoid the big faux pas, and/or run things by a britpicker (or the American equivalent), but I thought I'd share a few links to various US/UK lexicons and other resources I've found.

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