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This that and the other thing

After seeing a gifset on that whumpers tumblr I wound up bingewatching all of "Stitchers" (2 seasons of 10 eps each, a 3rd will air this summer). Which is one of those 'small group from secret government agency solve crimes' shows but the characters are engaging and they hit the right level of case-of-the-week vs overall season story arc that works for me. Also, it's from the Freeform (formally ABCFamily) channel so mostly if there's violence or sex it's alluded to instead of shown and that makes a nice change since it requires writers to come up with dialog and things like that instead of just going for the shocks and tits and ass. It's also got some familiar faces - the people who played Allison on Eureka and Claudia on Warehouse 13 oh, and Oded Fehr- who is now a lovely silver fox- guest stars. :D (The premise of the show, btw, is sciencey people figure out how to put main character into memories of dead person. Ridiculous sounding, but they sell it well.)

iZombie just came back. While I like the show, it's always straddled the line for embarrassment squick (as Liv takes on personality traits of the victims) for me and appears to be doubling that with Major also slotting into that role this season. *Sigh* Also, the premise of the show is getting strained as they add in more arcing SL ideas and whatnot and move away from the case-of-the-week format as a result I'm not sure if I'll continue to watch it as a result. *Double sigh*

The prompts for Night on Fic Mountain (small fandom exchange similar to Yuletide) are available and I was so excited to see a prompt for tiny-fandom-of-my-heart but then realized it's basically the same as a yuletide prompt for that fandom and the requester obviously interprets the fandom radically different than I. *sighs* Maybe there'll be a Not Prime Time req that catches my eye that I can treat.

Due to the craziness here and other factors I'm not hosting a seder this year and flaky sister didn't step up so I won't even be attending one this year, which feels oddly strange. Also, due to health issues, I'm not entirely sure how carefully I'll be keeping Passover this year or for how long. :(

I found the best thing out via tumblr the other day. Apparently pygmy marmosets like toothbrush massages. You're welcome.
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Happy Passover! I'm sorry you won't get to observe it traditionally.

Stitchers sounds interesting. Is it on Netflix?
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I could try that! I'm having a terrible time with TV--I will generally always choose words over pictures, and I can't stop reading long enough to watch things. But if I get to the point where I can, then it sounds like something I would like.

Random story that I just thought about and now feel like sharing: Yeeeeeeears ago (literally. 30 years ago, wow, I feel ridiculously old now) my mother, my brother and I moved out of a bad situation and into an actual house where everybody got a bedroom. It was GREAT. But the house was old and kind of beat-down, so my grandfather came and did a lot of work on it. At one point right when we moved in he managed to somehow whack his head into something and gave himself a nosebleed, and in all the confusion, some of the blood got smeared on the wooden door frame. It sank in and no amount of scrubbing could get it out. Instead of getting all upset about it, my mom told us that that it just meant when the Angel of Death passed over, we'd be safe. :D (She couldn't remember whether it was "first-born" or "first-born SON", so she just applied it to me and my younger brother equally.)