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I mentioned this recipe in the Yuletide discord and there was some interest in it so I thought I'd write it up. It's quite the change from the typical apple, walnuts, sugar and wine recipe that I (and many Ashkenazi Jews) grew up with but has become a staple at my seders since I got it 26 years ago when in college. I usually double it so there's plenty for the seder and to give to people to take home and I still have some left to eat through passover.

1/2 lb pitted dates
1 C dark currants (or double the raisins)
1 C raisins
1/4 C pitted prunes
1- 1 1/4 C sweet wine (grape juice will work too)
1/2 C chopped walnuts
1/4 C ground almonds

1) Soak the fruit overnight (either coarsely chop the fruit before soaking or whir with an immersion blender once in the pan the next day). 2) Drain but reserve the liquid. 3) In a heavy pan combine the fruit, 1 C wine and 1 C of reserved liquid (if doubling do NOT double this). 4) Cook over med-low heat 4-5 hours, stirring occasionally (until the liquid is absorbed) and the mixture is thick. 5) Cool. 6)Stir in nuts and more wine if it's too dry.
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Whoops forgot to post the drabble treats I wrote for [community profile] multifandomdrabble. There's a lot of great stuff there, go check it out!

What Remains, Sherlock (BBC), rated PG. Summary: Some things are harder to move past than others

Props and Moorings, Magnum, PI (2018), rated G. Summary: Magnum has a few words of support for TC. (Episode tag to S1e19, "Blood in the Water.")

and now back to my having my butt kicked by my h/c exchange fic....
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I'm trying to decide if I want to sign up for [community profile] hurtcomfortex or not. In a lot of ways it's right up my alley, but, brainweasels. Also I tend to like treating, and have more luck with it, more than assignments and managed to write a lot for Chocolate Box without signing up? I dunno. There's still a day or two to decide.

I watched "The Umbrella Academy" and I'll have to admit, I'm kind of boggling at fandom's reaction. Personally, I thought it was meh. Nonspoilerly reaction - I didn't care about Vanya at all and while I see why fandom is so interested in Klaus, I wasn't. A big problem I had was I love the found families trope and I also love families. UA couldn't decided where it wanted fit under either of those, if at all. There was also, sadly, a distinct lack of shirtless Tom Hopper (for understandable reasons, but still).

A bit back I also watched the BBC/Netflix miniseries "Bodyguard" which I was really disappointed in as well. It reminded me of the worst parts of 'Sherlock' where it tried to be tension-filled and clever in ways that don't work (either originally or if you stop to think about it). Oh well.

I started listening to "The Magnus Archives" which is a weekly horror fiction podcast that's been running for a few years. I'm partway through S3 (about 2/3-3/4 of the way through what's aired so far). The premise is the new Archivist for the Magnus Institute (an organization dedicated to the esoteric and weird) is going through old casefiles and, eventually slowly realizing things about them. There's a bit of an arcing storyline that runs through it, building as the episodes go on. It's interesting, but definitely not for anyone with issues with various spiders/worms/creepy crawlies, or eyes, or other types of body horror. It's also something you have to be careful to listen to via earbuds since some later eps have the occasional shout and whatnot. I'll probably never be fannish about it, but I like it.

I had to turn off anon commenting on my DW after someone left a, well, terrible comment on my Hollywood & Historical Research post accusing me of basically being willfully blind and Eurocentricly biased (and used a LOT of curses and attacks to do so). I post links to resources as I come across them. I'm happy to add to my lists and have done so as I've found new resources (I think originally there was only 300 or so links and now there's well over 500). I don't claim the posts are all encompassing, I do try, but I'm hampered by the fact anything I link to is going to be in English (since I won't link to a resource I can't check out myself to at least make sure it seems useful) and I can also only link to something I'm come across and I only follow certain blogs which will limit things.

As always, if you come across any useful resource you'd like others to know about or think they'll find helpful, I'd be happy to include it in one of my posts.

Have some Oxford comma love! A Maine appellate court recently ruled in favor of dairy drivers in a labor dispute. The circuit judge’s opinion began "For want of a comma, we have this case." Basically it was an overtime pay issue since according to Maine law, workers are entitled to 1.5 times their normal pay for any hours worked over 40 per week. However, there are exemptions to this rule. Specifically, companies don’t need to pay overtime for "The canning, processing, preserving, freezing, drying, marketing, storing, packing for shipment or distribution of {blah blah blah}" but since there's no comma after 'shipment' the drivers argued the law excluded only packing (whether for shipment or packing for distribution) but that the distribution by itself would not be exempt despite the owners of the dairy arguing it did. The judge decided that without that comma the distinction wasn't clearcut. Huzzah for the Oxford comma!
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Despite not really planning on treating much after a first look at the requests, I wound up spotting an original fic prompt I couldn't say no to and them looked further and found another and another and another... (The treatless spreadsheet wound up being a huge help in this regard since it cut down on the sheer numbers of requests into something more manageable)

Original Works:

The pairing: Lifeguard/Merman Who Keeps Pretending To Be A Drowning Human So He Can Grope Him

Okay, now I was a lifeguard for a number of summers a million years ago and while its unlikely the person who nominated this knew this, but one of the things that's understood about rescues is that when someone is drowning one of the main instincts they'll have is get out of the water any way they can and usually it manifests by grabbing onto to the lifeguard by wrapping their arms and legs around them as tight as they can or grabbing and then trying to climb them like a tree (literally the wording used) and we're taught ways to counteract that. So, yeah, that prompt was spot on. And gave me ideas....

The Unexpected Rescue, rated PG, 9039 words. Summary: Jake had been a lifeguard for years but he'd never had a summer like this before.

The pairing: Wounded Werewolf/Apprentice Witch who begrudgingly rescues them

The Were in the Wood, rated PG, 794 words. Summary: Having saved many creatures (magical and otherwise) over the years Mai thought today's rescue was just going to be like all the others. She was wrong.

I also filled three MCU requests:

Stubborn Meet Stubborner, Steve/Bucky, rated PG-13, 1,189 words. Summary: Steve visited Bucky in Wakanda whenever he could. It wasn't often enough, but it would have to do.
Release of Pressure, Steve/Bucky, rated E, 520 words. Summary: At times like this Bucky knew what Steve needed.
Pedestals to Be On, Steve/Natasha, rated R, 300 words. Summary: Sometimes this was how she wanted it.

Timeless gen:
Food Between Friends, rated G, 1013. Summary: Rufus, Lucy and Wyatt and a few times they stopped for food.

Sherlock Holmes (ACD) Holmes/Watson:
Fractious Yet Fortuitous, rated PG, 430 words. Summary: When the weather turned suddenly Holmes and Watson found themselves caught in a storm.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Roy/Ed:
Marks Left Behind, rated PG-13, 300. Summary: A life such as theirs left scars in its wake.

The entire collection is here and there's tons of great stuff. Go check it out!


Feb. 6th, 2019 09:04 am
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Forgot to ask this in my excitement about the new laptop, but does anyone have any advice about what's the best free antivirus out there? I used Avira on my old one but all the Doom and Gloom Buy Our Pro-Version popups got really annoying. I have an adblocker installed on my browsers and no coin, but a good antivirus is important too. The laptop came with McAfee installed but I remember hearing meh things about it so I'd like to switch to something that's recommended (and recommended by people who actually use it and not blog posts/articles of possibly being paid to say certain things nature).

What do you all use? Do you like it?

(Laptop is running Windows 10)


Feb. 3rd, 2019 08:59 pm
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My new laptop came the other day! On a day it was snowing and -28f and they just left it on the front steps without ringing the doorbell or anything. In a box that made it *really* obvious what it was. Luckily it came sometime between walking Molly at 11 and 2 so it wasn't out there for long and in my neighborhood there isn't much concern about theft, but still. WTF. In that weather, just leaving something out in the open. Sometimes people walk around back and leave stuff on our back porch (which is enclosed) but you would think the S&H for the laptop would include suggestion to ring the bell or get a signature or something. Bah.

But, new laptop is lovely! Faster than old, broken one and basically incomparable to almost 10 yr old one I'd been using the past weeks. Blessedly quiet and lighter too. Although it does randomly lose wifi connection occasionally, which is annoying. I have no idea what to do about that. I should be using this quiet, quick laptop to work on treats for [community profile] chocolateboxcomm right? Errrrmmm....

Well, I have one done that's been sent out for a beta and a few scribbles here and there of other attempts, but mostly I've been adding to my resource posts. I think there's more than 575 links or so now? I also backed up a bunch of the more useful links via the wayback machine so hopefully if some of the tumblrs or websites do go down the information won't be lost; there's still a lot more to backup, but I'll try to get to all of it eventually. I'm debating splitting up some of the masterposts, though. Some are pretty on point but others have gotten unwieldy and extremely long (there's over 100 links just in the injuries/medical post! How did that happen?). The fighting/military/police/etc one in particular might need to get split up and I'm trying to figure out a way to make the random, final, one less of a mess. {As always, if you notice a link on one of them is dead (or you have a great resource of your own you'd like to share) definitely let me know.}

I made hobo bread (an incredibly easy eggless raisin quick bread) on Friday and it's nearly gone. So easy and so good and not a lot of dishes to clean after making. My kind of recipe. I still need to write up the chocolate peanut butter cookie recipe, I forgot all about that.

Did you all hear about the 13th century handwritten parchment fragments of a manuscript about Merlin that were found at Bristol Central Library? So cool. Also, can you imagine being the researcher randomly discovering something like that? Wow.
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So it never actually got to -40 without windchill here but it did hit -38f, which is close enough in my books. With windchill it went down to somewhere around -58f, possibly even -60f (I've seen it recorded as different things) and the coldest it's been in over 20 years. Fun times.

Many stores closed early/completely, the post office didn't deliver for two days (not sure if it will today or not) and overall everyone's just hunkered down inside if they can. Molly does *not* appreciate walks in this and pretty much goes out to do her business and immediately turns to head back. Normally, I make her get some exercise anyway, but in this? I don't care if we were outside for less time than it took to put winter gear on, I'm heading back in the second she wants to.

Last year Minneapolis hosted the Super Bowl and I can't help but think of how it would be if this vortex happened the week leading up to it. Considering some of the news reports coming out of the region now (beer isn't being delivered because it's too cold, oh NOOOO; trains are being kept running by setting the tracks on fire to prevent the steel from buckling in the cold, etc) if a zillion reporters were here and having to report from here rather than just writing up articles from their own places? It'd be hilarious.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed this terrible weather doesn't delay new laptop from arriving, this old one is so slow and so very, very loud. *sigh*

Hope all of you are safe and warm (if in the norther hemisphere, cool if in the southern) and well supplied with donuts/dessert of your choosing!
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Well, the motherboard of dead laptop is apparently fried. According to people at the fix-it place there is a chance of getting all my stuff (4 or so years of kids' photos and genealogy research/documents) off the hard drive if I bring it back in along with something they could scrape the data into. I've ordered a new laptop since the old clunker is old and terrible and maybe once it arrives (2-3 weeks) I'll bring the two of them in and spend some $$ to see if they can work their magic.

Don't be me. Back up your stuff!


Jan. 24th, 2019 09:42 am
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I got it in my head to make cookies yesterday (I'd been having a craving for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies forever but making cooking takes so much more out of me than bars so I hadn't made any in ages) and while they turned out delicious, I was really paying for it by the time I was done and I sat down to relax on my computer... only to find it busted (it had gone to sleep and wouldn't start). Ugh. Son has offered to take it in for me later today. Hopefully it's fixable and not toast. Frustratingly, I thought briefly about backing it up a few days ago, but had been too tired. I have dug out my old laptop for the time being but it had been retired for a reason (it runs Windows 7, lacks updated everything, overheats massively and the motor is headache inducingly loud). I'm going to have to decide if it'll be worth it to try to keep up with the various money making sites I do everyday (swagbucks, tellwut, bing, etc), I usually only earn $2 or so a day but it is nice to earn something... ugh, I dunno. Maybe I'll just run the SB apps and then call it a day? I also had so many bits and bobs started for chocolatebox treats (including almost 3k of one started) which luckily were done in gdoc so I didn't lose, but I did lose the prompts/letters I'd favorited in the app which is annoying, but hopefully I'll be able to figure out what was for which? Also, there's just the general 'what sites do I usually go to and what are their logins' typical frustrations of being on a different device. Ugh.

The cookies came out great, so that's something at least. I froze a bunch but should take a picture of some and post the recipe, as far as cookies go they're actually pretty easy to make and they don't spread at all when baking so you can get them baked in only a few batches.
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Day 15

Talk about why you participated in Snowflake &/or what you got out of it. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I didn't have a chance to participate as much as I would have liked. I still have the of masterposts for a few days open to peruse so with luck I'll be checking out some people's posts later though but I did find some nice fics to read and chatted with some lovely people so it's still been a pretty successful challenge for me. :)
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Day 14

In your own space, talk about what you think the future holds for fandom. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Hmmm.... I don't really know. Tumblr was great for a lot of things (although not everything) but pretty affected by the whole flagging/purging/deleting thing although a decent swath of fandom has kept trucking along there. There's Pillowfort and Mastadoon (or something like that?), but I know very little about either haven't been impressed with what I saw of them and they don't seem terribly talked about in spaces I frequent so who knows what's happening there. Discord has some great (and very much not so great) servers where there's been some wonderful opportunity for fannish discussions and content creation, but finding the right fit of a server for you isn't always easy...

Yeah, I dunno. I got nothing. All I know is fandom will persevere. It's been going since long before those "Baker Street Irregular' clubs sprung up well over a century ago and will continue to keep chugging along, it'll just keep finding different ways to bring people together.
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Day 13

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

So my goal for last year was "My goal is to post more. It's something I plan to do every year, and somehow never manage it. Maybe this will be the year!" which, shockingly, is my goal for this year too. I did manage to more more (for a given measure of more) but still not really all that often. I will do better this year! I'd also like to write something that is not for a fest/exchange/challenge/whathaveyou. That's something I haven't managed in easily 5 years, if not longer, so it's seriously unlikely to happen, but who knows.
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Okay, okay, I totally flaked on doing these, mostly because I didn't have an easy (or even any) answer for them.

Day 9: Commit an Act of Kindness. I left some comments on some fics if that counts?

Day 10: Create a fanwork. I've done over a dozen fanworks (mostly absolutely terrible, somewhat dirty MSpaint-type art) in the last 48 hours for a badworks fest (although all are posted under a new donut-related named sock I created just for the fest). They're still unrevealed though and, honestly, I probably won't officially link them to donutsweeper ever either. But still. Fanworks!

Day 11: In your own space, talk about your creative process(es) — anything from the initial inspiration to how you feel after something’s done. Do you struggle with motivation or is it a smooth process? Do you have any tricks up your sleeve to pull out when a fanwork isn’t cooperating? What is your level of planning to pantsing/winging it?

Honestly, no idea how to answer this one. The past *mumble* years I've pretty much only written for exchanges and challenges and if there's a prompt or idea I can run with I just take it and go. That's why I love treating so much. I'm dreadful at coming up with stuff on my own and I rarely write long so trying to plot something complicated isn't an issue.

Day 12: In your own space, create your own challenge. Challenge yourself to comment more often on fics! Whether the fic was posted last week or last year (or 10 years ago) if you read the whole thing and liked it don't just hit the 'kudos' button but leave a comment. Even if it's just "Awww" or "I liked this" you'll make an author's day.
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Day 7

Stretch yourself a little and try something new. Go play in a new fandom or with a new pairing. Try working in a new medium. Or check out some fanworks that are new to you.

Day 8
In your own space, post self-recs for at least three fanworks that you created. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I was having a ton of trouble for 7 before I realized I checked out several dozen new canons for Yuletide, wrote in a few and read in many. It's probably stretching a bit to count for this, since I didn't do it this week but over the last few months, but, eh, I'm counting it.

Reccing my own work is incredibly difficult for me. I have often struggled to promote my stuff by posting to relevant comms and I've still only shifted a portion of my stuff to AO3, but here goes nothing:

One "longish" for me thing (for a given value of long):

Lost and Found, preseries NCIS/SPN crossover, Tony DiNozzo & John Winchester, 8k. Summary: Peoria Police Officer Tony DiNozzo winds up in trouble when he finds himself entangled with both a serial killer and a mysterious man in a black Impala. (This was written long before being put up on AO3 and probably could be read without any real knowledge of either fandom since it's basically just a beat cop's reaction to skirting into a supernatural case.)

One "middleish" length:

The Time With The... , MCU, Steve/Bucky, 4k. Summary: The five times Steve and Bucky lied about what they faced during the War and the one time they told the truth. AKA the five times they trolled the Avengers and one truth that enabled them to get away with it. (Some day I'm going to commission fanart of this so I can get a picture of Steve punching a dinosaur.)

One short one:

S@ve the &ees!!!, Sherlock BBC gen drabble. Summary: Letters were disappearing. (Annoyingly, AO3 claims this has more than 100 words. It doesn't. I've probably moved less than a tenth of my drabbles to AO3, but I think this is my most favorite one there, it's just silly and fun.)
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Day 6

In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your wish-list if you feel comfortable doing so. Maybe someone will grant a wish. Check out other people's posts. Maybe you will grant a wish. If any wishes are granted, we'd love it if you link them to this post.

Ugh, I always have such difficulty with coming up with these sorts of things, it's one of the reasons I do so few exchanges. Hmmmm.

1) Stolen from a bunch of other people's lists: requests for a DVD commentary on a section of any of my stories (or the whole thing, if it's short) would be amazing. Anything along those lines- ask for clarification on something, why/what was meant by anything I wrote, why I made choices I did, what happened after... whatever.

2) Also borrowing the idea of fanart/podfics/etc for any of my fics. People with those sorts of talent astound me.

3) Click to give food to animals - Thanks to sponsors, The Animal Rescue Site will provide food for shelter animals with every click. (After clicking you can similarly support the breastcancersite, hungersite, rainforestsite, literacysite, etc.)
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Day 5

In your own space, promote three communities, challenges, blogs, pages, Twitters, Tumblrs or platforms and explain why you love them. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I was going to promote 3 writing/research ones, but many of the sites I was thinking about are apparently defunct or at least have stopped updating regularly. So, one for writing, one for research(ish), one for atmosphere/prompts and a feel good fourth thrown in for good measure - what it says on the tin: writing help, prompts and things along those lines. Some great advice in some of their posts, also interesting research and resources. Very useful for writers. - a tumblr run by a nurse/EMT that often posts interesting medical informational posts (in the Hollywood-does-this-wrong and how-to-write-it-right kind of way) and some general fannish stuff. Their advice and resources can be really helpful. - also what it says on the tin- some of these pictures would be great for writing prompts - good news and cute pictures. Can't go wrong with scrolling about on this one, pretty much guaranteed to cheer you up.

(Day 4 was just interacting with people you hadn't before so just leaving comments on other people's snowflake posts)
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Bad wrists and general health issues prevent me from making bread from scratch as often as I'd like and a bit back I pulled back out and started using a very old bread machine passed down to me by someone combining households ages back. Considering I got it over 20 yrs ago and it was used at the time it's not surprising that it finally died on me. Sad and frustrating, but not surprising.

Anyone have any experience with machines currently on the market? I didn't wind up getting anything for Hanukkah for myself so I have a bit of a budget but I'd rather not just buy one blind or based off Amazon reviews if I can help it. The super well regarded Zojirushi is currently close to half off at Amazon and I am rather tempted by it especially since I have enough gift cards I earned via swagbucks to cover it. Most review sites online put it as the (or one of the) best, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any experience with it or any others before plunking down that kind of money.
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Day 3

In your own space, share a favorite piece of original canon (a TV episode, a song, a favorite interview, a book, a scene from a movie, etc) and explain why you love it so much. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

I recently rewatched some of early Sleepy Hollow and there's just so much great stuff about it. TPTB carefully researched language differences (well, sometimes, we'll ignore the Roanoke episode) and worked in little ways Ichabod's would differ from Abbie's. Like in this small scene:

(wherein Ichabod uses a term he knows to refer to Wendy the receptionist)

And this great exchange where Ichabod explains that, for him, a toilet was a vanity closet, intercourse meant social conversation, and awesome meant awe inspiring.

Also there were so many little examples of modern day things he comes across like when - just to name a few - he discovers scotchtape, copies Abbie to learn to open an aluminum can, tries on skinny jeans, and my absolute favorite... wherein he is taught the 'fistbump.'

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Day 2

Rec at least three fanworks that you didn’t create. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Alright, so last year's accidental theme was AUs, and this one is crossovers:

The Master of London by teacup_of_doom. Sherlock (BBC)/Harry Potter crossover. Summary: "The City of London is a city with secrets. John Watson has secrets of his own. Murders have begun to mount in London, spreading from the Wizarding community to the Muggle. The Aurors can't handle the situation on their own, while New Scotland Yard has been forced to approach Sherlock Holmes for help. John may have the only solution, and he's not interested - he gave up magic years ago, thanks." WIP, 92k currently. (I never got into HP as a fandom but love the setup of this crossover/fusion. It deepens the mythology of the HPverse and adds the idea that Harry's was not the only organized group that stood against Voldemort and that John, despite being not only a wizard but also the 'Master of London' led it. Everyone's really IC and the world building's fantastic.)

Amnesiacs Anonymous series by Stoic_Zee. The Losers/MCU crossover. Jake Jensen/Bucky pairing. Currently 6 works, 20k. My summary: Jake was a special forces soldier who didn't remember anything before waking up after an explosion a few years ago, he met and felt a connection to a man with a robotic arm who also had amnesia. After breaking the Winter Soldier's programming they go around taking out Hydra bases while Jake's not on missions with his team. (Jake may or may not be Steve Rogers or Steve's clone or *something*, that's still shaking out, but it's a fun series, especially how Bucky is seen by the Losers and later by the Avengers.)

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc series by etothepii, Sherlock (BBC)/Addams Family crossover, 3 works, 20k. My summary: John Watson is an Addams (A pretty well known series, but I always forget about its existence until I check my subscriptions and then instantly reread it.)

Detached Duty series by zathara001, NCIS/SG1 crossover, currently 3 works, 27k. My summary: Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee are sent on TAD to investigate a death at Cheyenne Mountain and things spiral from there. (A nice look at how the unusualness of SG1 might have issues within the military regarding investigations at black sites and how once an agent is read in they might keep getting called back - although, fair warning, there's a bit of poor characterization/bashing of Tim and Ziva in these.)

Old Acquaintances by BlackRook, MCU/Rise of the Guardians crossover, 1.5k. Summary: Jack Frost and Steve Rogers go way back. (Written back in 2012 it's now an AU crossover, but still a cute fic.)
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I wrote a decent amount for Yuletide this year but mostly in fandoms that ranged from non-existent to really, really small so as I'm fairly sure most will be unfamiliar I figure I'll do like I did last year and promote each fandom some as well although I'll try to keep the babble at a minimum, if anyone wants to hear more about any particular fic just give a shout. Starting with the larger fandoms:

The Haunting of Hill House (TV show) The netflix series (very, very) loosely based on the Shirley Jackson book this is a ten episode story based around a family with 5 kids who bought a house back in the 90s with the idea of fixing it up and selling it for a profit only to find out it was haunted and to have things start to go very, very wrong for them as a result. Despite hating horror as a genre overall, I really liked this series as it dealt with the emotional fallout and the effect of that summer on the family that still lingered today.

-Seeds Taking Root, G, 2335 words. Summary: Luke was trying to go forward and move on after almost dying. He was well aware that it wouldn't be easy and that recovery wasn't a straight line, but with any luck he might just make it.
-Temptation's Tight Grip, PG, 1245 words. Summary: For an addict the temptation to use is always there.
-Walls Growing, Ever Thicker Ever Higher, PG, 1223 words. Summary: The knock that came in the middle of the night was one that Theo had been expecting for years. What Shirley had come to tell her however? That threw her for a loop.

Spinning Silver - Naomi Novik Set in a Tzarist Russia-esque/Fairytale land, the daughter of a (not so successful) Jewish moneylender manages to turn silver into gold. This is actually the first Naomi Novik book I ever read and I was intrigued by setting and curious how it would portray Miryem's Judaism and how the rest of the 'Russians' treated it.

-Laden with Happiness (and Tears), PG, 1183 words. Summary: Miryem’s celebration of her first Shabbat in the Staryk lands after being married was a little different than her previous ones. (Random factoid: I based my description of Miryem's Shabbos prayers after my dim memories of how my great grandmother, who grew up in Russia in the late 1800s, did hers.)
-Glistering Within the Grey, G, 592 words. Summary: Being one of the two servants assigned to serve the Queen was meant as a slight; it turned out to be anything but.

Call Me By Your Name (2017) Set in Italy in the 1980's, a coming of age type film where a 17-year-old eventually gets together with the grad student who comes to live with them for a bit in order to work for his professor father.

-Unforeseen Outcomes, G, 1223 words. Summary: A migraine gives Oliver a few things to think about. (This was a h/c request. How could I not fill a h/c request for Oliver?)

The Usual Suspects (1995)- How to summarize this movie... A US Customs Agent questions a conman after an explosion at a pier left a number of people dead. The conman proceeds to tell him the events that led to said explosion, or did he? (I love this movie, it's one of those that after you watch you immediately want to rewatch and then rewatch again.)

-Phaethon Behind the Wheel, PG, 2333 words. Summary: A rumor's not a rumor that doesn't die but rumors are just rumors and while some are based in fact, some are not. (Random aside, this is probably one of my favorite titles that I've ever come up with. Also, I deliberately left the identification of one character in one scene vague/unclear to make it meld with canon more.)
-Chekhov Gives Up PG, 2178 words. Summary: Five ways "The Usual Suspects" couldn't (and wouldn't) have ended and the one way it probably didn't, but might have. (This got written on a whim after a discussion in discord about various tropes and Lanna requesting them and how they could be basically canon for this, so it's basically 6 ridiculous tropes massaged to work vaguely within canon.)

The Shadow (1994) The Shadow, aka Lamont Cranston, saves people and fights crime in 1930's NYC. Margo Lane winds up butting her way into the battle between him and Shiwan Khan and the entire fate of the city rests in its outcome.

-The Shadow Knows, But Not Everything, G, 1504 words. Summary: Lamont might know a lot about how running an underground network like the Shadow's, but that didn't mean he knew everything. Luckily, he had Margo there to help him out.

Southland (TV) (from the wiki) a "raw and authentic look" at Los Angeles and the lives of the LAPD officers who police it.

-Cleaning Up R, 100 words. Summary: After a day of garbage runs there is only one way to get clean. (sarken wanted a manhandled, bottom!Cooper, how could I not write that?)

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues A Shaolin priest father and his son, now a police detective, reunite to fight crime. Ah the 90s and the ridiculous sounding plots of shows that aired then.

-The Tread of Time, Step By Step, G, 1528 words. Summary: It'd been twenty years but Peter was still there, keeping the city safe.

And now the fandom I'm sure no one has even heard of......

Outliers:Strange Stars (Podcast) Outliers is a series of seven one shot stories released last year by RustyQuill and the Strange Stars episode (17 minutes long and can be heard here as well as most podcast type places), written and performed by Jonny Sims (known for his work on "The Magnus Archives"), revolves around the historical figure of Hew Draper a Bristol innkeeper who was arrested for attempted poisoning and witchcraft in 1561. After being found guilty Draper was incarcerated in the Salt Tower of London where he made a rather detailed, incredibly unusual carving. The carving and what little record exists about the man can be found here. Hew Draper's story is fascinating and Sims' building on it, showing Draper through the eyes of the prison's chaplain and how a man of the cloth might attempt to console, if not even convert, a man who historically admitted to having "once been an 'astronomer' but had since burned all his books" is amazing. (I really enjoyed this podcast, go give it a listen.)

-Strange Suns, Ominious Stars G, 2222 words. Summary: After Hew Draper's strange disappearance from the Salt Tower I assumed I would never see the man again. I was wrong. (Trying to match Sims' style was a hard, yet really fun, challenge. I wrote this knowing it would get few eyeballs and I was right. At reveals it had less hits, let alone kudos, than any of the 100+ other fics I've ever written for Yuletide. The recip loved it though, so I don't mind.)


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