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Story List by Fandom, noncrossovers

The Addams Family (TV)
The Addams Family on Vacation, The Addams family's vacation does not go as planned, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
The In-between- It is said that a team's interaction is best seen in the time after the operation has finished, but before the extraction and their return to base, rated G, 1739 words ([community profile] yuletide)
From Looming Darkness, Light- Allowing himself to be captured was all part of Ward's plan. Being thrown in an oubliette afterwards? Not so much, PG, 1028 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Differences in Yesterdays and Todays- unspecific character death, Looking at him through the sniper rifle was really no different, rated R, 100 words ([community profile] comment_fic)
Who I Am and May Not Be- A lot of what S.H.I.E.L.D. is today is tied up with who the Howling Commandos were, which is why Jemma is excited when she finds out about Trip's background. Fitz, however, is less than thrilled. (Set during 1x18 on the Bus on the way to Providence.), rated G, 1224 words (Not Prime Time)
Tissue Paper People- spoilers for S1, Who was Grant Ward now?, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

Agent X
Good Must Now Be Close at Hand, For a man like John Case, an uncertain cover was an inconvenient thing. Having an uncertain cover when flat on one's back in the hospital recovering from major surgery? That crossed the line from inconvenient to downright dangerous, rated G, 2869 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Alien Nation
Alien Nation Donut Surprise- Newcomers, humans and alien donuts, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

All Souls
The Souls Of All Souls, All Souls knew what it wanted, G, 100 words, ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Almost Human
Family's More Than Circuits and Blood, Dorian saves John's life. John is less than thrilled about the method used, rated G, 422 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Those We Lean On- Dorian steps up when John is injured, rated G, 347 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Data for the Soul, Gary saw music in the data streams, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Hair Of The Dog- Oliver thinks it's time to get out of the hospital and back to work. Diggle does not agree, rated PG, 1111 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Looking And Lost, Yet Found- Thea knew she loved her big brother, but, after the island, she wasn't sure she knew who he was, rated G, 1181 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Stains Left Behind, It may be just a stain, but it's much more than that to Diggle, rated PG, 431 words ([community profile] comment_fic)
Stuck in the Shadows, Oliver watches from the shadows, rated G, 261 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Time of Her Life- Oddly enough, Felicity was enjoying the craziness in her life, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Bloodstains and Bandages- Felicity learned a lot of new skills since she started helping Oliver with his work, rated G, 351 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Guardians and the Guarded- Sara watches over Felicity, PG, 522 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Armor's Chink, It was an opportunity Sara couldn't resist, rated PG, 200 words
Just Again and Always- Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance,
 Leaving Starling City was hard, but returning to Nyssa? Easy, R, 100 words, ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Time, in Passing and Ceasing to Be- Feliciy Smoak/Nyssa al Ghul/Sara Lance, Since getting drawn into the Arrow's world Felicity learned many things, NC-17, 679 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Girls Night In- Sara/Felicity, After a trying day Felicity returns home to relax. Little did she know Sara was waiting for her there and had other plans, rated R, 1003 words (Not Prime Time)
Sated and Secure- It was everything she could have hoped for. And more, rated NC-17, 100 words (Not Prime Time.)
A Different Kind of Dance- Felicity/Sara, Felicity doesn't dance if she can avoid it, until she meets Sara, rated PG-13, 700 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Kintsugi- Oliver/Felicity, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with powdered gold, silver, or platinum, also, as a philosophy, breakage and repair becoming part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise, PG-13, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Needing to Soar, Arrow, Sara Lance/Nyssa al Ghul, They knew the consequences, rated PG, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Avengers (MCU)
Old Dog, New Bun, It's not Tony's place to keep an eye on Captain America. Really, it isn't, rated G, 770 words
Little and Broken, but Still Good - Action Figure Steve came off the line broken, rated G, 1080 words ([community profile] avengerkink)
Is That A Smile I See Before Me?- Tony thinks Steve Rogers is the most stuffy, boring human being in existence, but Natasha claims he's seeing only what he wants to see so Tony goes out to prove her wrong. Things do not go the way he expects they will, not at all, rated G, 4078 words. ([community profile] avengerkink)
Eye of the Revenger, Bucky and Steve peruse old "Captain America" comics, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] avengerkink)
Isn't That the Icing on the Cake, The Doombot attack should have ruined Steve's birthday party, but one Avengers wasn't going to let that be the case, rated G, 301 words ([community profile] avengerkink)
Revisiting the Exhibit, When wandering through the "Captain America: Man, Hero, Legend" exhibit, it is the photographs that people notice, rated G, 662 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Phone of Old- It's not that Steve doesn't want a new phone, it's that he doesn't need one, something Tony doesn't understand, G, 445 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Elegant Dance- There were many ways to touch, this was by far her favorite, rated R, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Chaos and Canines- A typical dinner is interrupted by danger and a dog, rated G, 1826 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Notes On A Murky Morning - Michael Britten's lives are confusing. Keeping lists and making notes is supposed to help, rated G, 314 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Babylon 5
Their Place, A place for everyone and everyone in their place, G, 100 words, ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Batman Beyond
Moments Before, Of and When- Terry/Dana, Dana takes what moments she can get, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

Behind You (webcomic)
Troublesome Transitions to What Might Be, "She began to feel foolish for ever even considering that they would show up", rated G, 1443 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Big Valley
Brother Mine- Two of the Barkley brothers try to keep from worrying about a third, rated G, 1004 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Brothers Be- The Barkleys know that when it comes to family there is a level of understanding and love that binds them all together. Now if only Jarrod can make Heath see that, rated G, 1442 words ([community profile] yuletide)
I'll Get You There-Wherein Nick doesn't fuss, Heath doesn't grumble, and nothing much happens as they ride home, rated G, 1354 words ([community profile] yuletide)

The Blacklist
Alone at the Crossroads, Observed- spoilers for 1x16, Raymond Reddington saw the events surrounding Mako Tanida's actions as an opportunity, rated PG, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Start, It was time to make an effort, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

When the Deal is Done- Zeke completed his mission. Now what?, G, 100 words

Calvin and Hobbes
Hobbes Revisited- Calvin grew up and had a little boy of his own, G, 653 words (cliche_bingo fic)
Applied Monopoly- Calvin knew it was the perfect plan, rated G, 200 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Living the Dream, Calvin and Hobbes, The parenting books hadn't prepared her for Calvin, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

Captain America
The Elixir of Maybe, spoilers for CA:TWS, It was a new day and, for once, the Winter Soldier was in charge of his own future, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Signed with a Step and a Beat of a Wing- spoilers for CA:TWS, Sam's footing took a bit of time to find, rated G, 706 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
In the Hands of One Like Me- MCU/Captain America 2, pre-Steve/Maria, The search for one thing may have led Steve to something else entirely, rated G, 5465 words (Not Prime Time)
Man Not Mantle- Sam wants to help Steve, if he's able, rated G, 100 words (Not Prime Time)
Love Will Keep Us Tooooogether- MCU/CATWS, eventual Steve/Bucky, cademics believed that Steve and Bucky were lovers; they were wrong. Until they were right., rated PG, 4848 words ([community profile] avengerkink)
Topography of Touch- Bucky/Steve, Bucky knew every inch of Steve intimately, rated PG, 257 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Time With The..., MCU/Captain America, Steve/Bucky, The five times Steve and Bucky lied about what they faced during the War and the one time they told the truth (aka the five times they trolled the Avengers and one truth that enabled them to get away with it), rated PG, 3837 words, ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
World Repair, Few people knew Steve Rogers was Jewish, rated G, 951 words
The Walls We See Around Ourselves, Bucky/Sam/Steve,Bucky and Sam gang up on Steve to find out why he still doesn't know how to dance, rated G, 883 words (chocolatebox)

Charlie Brown: Blockhead's Revenge
Be The Change- It's been years, maybe things have changed. Or maybe not, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Covert Affairs
Coffee and Camaraderie- Auggie, Annie and a cup of coffee, rated G, 358 words
Facing Adversity- Auggie tries to bring up Annie's spirits after she is injured, rated G, 1035 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Another Morning (One Of Many)- It's just another morning for Annie and Auggie, rated G, 1031 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Missions Of Most Importance- Annie gets a call from Auggie at three in the morning asking for her help, rated PG, 1404 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Damien (TV)
Ruination, Thy Name For Me, Damien tries to process what's happening immediately following the events of the finale, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Daredevil (616!verse)
The Flyby- Daredevil and Black Widow used to be a team, but that was a long time ago, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Alone and by Your Side- Everyone has a different sense of what is considered family, rated G, 1356 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Doctor Who (with and without Jack Harkness)
See Doctor Who post

Dresden Files
Holding Down the Fort - (bookverse), Harry has a quick conversation with Mouse and Mister, G, 235 words

Due South
The Quest For Donut Justice- It was ridiculously early and Ray's donuts have been stolen, G, 697 words

Earth 2
Rung by Rung, Alonzo Solace was used to the stars, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Earth: Final Conflict
For the Sake of Duty- There are some things that, despite their importance, are better off forgotten, rated G, 518 words ([community profile] yuletide)

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Cutting to the Chase- Sometimes Jack has a way of seeing solutions that others miss, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Atypical Trait- John Crichton was not like the others, rated G, 100 words (fic_promptly)

The Flash
A Father's Prerogative, Barry was looking a little rough around the edges, rated G, 1031 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Recipes of Childhood, It was Barry's first Thanksgiving with the Wests and it was not going well, rated G, 1195 words ([community profile] yuletide)
What Makes Family, the four of the times Joe was there for Barry and the one time Barry returned the favor, rated G, 1024 words ([community profile] yuletide)
There's So Much You Have to Go Through, Joe has to save Barry for a change, rated G, 1740 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Panoramic View, They knew the consequences, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Pragmatist, Henry knew she wouldn't stay forever, rated G, 200 words (fic_promptly)
Over Time (Again and Once More), Abe worries when Henry is injured, rated G, 1291 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Forever Knight
To Permanence- Janette had her own ideas on what was important, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] halfamoon)

Good Night, Gorilla (book)
Gorilla, Mouse didn't always live in the zoo, rated G, 1114 words ([community profile] fic_corner)

Returned from Afar (in Distance not Mileage), Barbara/Renee, Barbara and Renee get reacquainted, rated R, 1027 words ([community profile] yuletide)
A Lesson's Learning, Fish/Liza, Fish thought her secret weapon was coming along nicely. But that didn't mean she didn't have more learning to do, rated R, 1363 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Hardest of Choices, Barbara/Renee, Sometimes we do what's right, even if it's the last thing we really want to do, rated R, 1020 words ([community profile] yuletide)

What He Doesn't Know....- Mike/Paul, Paul wants to apologize, but he can't say the words, rated PG, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Ever Building Lie, Odin Rossi had become a part of Paul Briggs, one that was getting harder and harder to hide, rated G, 1186 words ([community profile] yuletide)

A Brighter Day, Rosalee and Monroe reflect on how much has changed, rated G, 200 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Guardians of the Galaxy
N'kngr'th Day, It was a day to celebrate, even if Peter was not entirely sure what it was they are celebrating, rated G, 365 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Strange Sight It's not as if Rocket was helping out of the goodness of his heart, he just liked fixing things, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Slipping Shards Of Broken Water, spoilers for episode 1x11 "Rôti", Will's sense of self is slipping, along with his grip on reality. He only hopes he isn't as bad off as the dead man he's kidnapped., rated pg, 240 ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Truth- Writing for the Haven Herald is a lot more difficult than you'd think, rated G, 1090 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Yearning- Nathan was Troubled, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Hope On The Horizon- Audrey's appearance in Haven brings the Chief hope, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Hello Again For the First Time- It's their third chance to meet her for the very first time and the Teagues brothers aren't going to let it go to waste, rated G, 311 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Strange Bedfellows- The trip back to Haven has a little detour; a missing scene from the season four opener, rated G, 1215 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Considering the Circumstances, Duke/Audrey/Nathan, Nathan is recovering, Audrey is at her wit's end and Duke? Duke's pretending not to care, rated PG, 1517 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Hawaii Five-0
My Way, Danny wasn't going to do it. No way, no how, G, 100 words
October, October in Hawaii was all wrong, G, 100 words
Blazes of Glory- Danny's opinion of blazes of glory on one busy day, rated G, 470 words ([community profile] h50_flashfic)
Thank You- Grace does a good deed, rated G, 100 words ([profile] hawaii_5_0_100)
The Trouble Magnet- Danny is convinced Steve is a trouble magnet, rated G, 400 words ([profile] hawaii_5_0_100)
Danno and the Three Members of the 5-0 Task Force- Danno finds one office that's too crowded, one that's too empty and one that's just right, G, 354 words ([community profile] h50_flashfic)
Hurricane Danno- Danny gets angry. Very angry. G. 400 words ([profile] hawaii_5_0_100 and [community profile] thenewpub)
The Ubiquitousness of the Pineapple- Danny didn't know what it was, but he did know it was not a hot dog, 351 words.
Play It Again, Danno- Danny and Steve send Kono texts. Lots and lots of texts, rated G, 400 words
Family - Danny discovers a picture from the past, rated G, 400 words
Stupid Pineapple- Steve decides to slip Danny some pineapple. It turns out to be a terrible idea, G, 962 words.
There Was A Fourth Wall Here Somewhere- Danny has had enough, PG-13, 414 words
The Best Laid Plans Sometimes Leave Much To Be Desired- Steve plans, Danny kvetches, Kono and Chin try to stay out of the line of fire (figuratively. But you never know), G, 969 words.
Booby, Steve is turned into a bird. A blue footed booby to be precise, rated G, 100 words
Boredom Rains, Steve is bored and getting on Danny's last nerve, rated G, 229 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Begging For A Miracle- Danno was missing, rated G, 317 words (([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Salinity Schminity- Danny doesn't think Steve is a trouble magnet, he knows he is, rated G, 336 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

Unexpected but not Unwelcome- It's always after you get settled on the couch that someone knocks on the door, rated G, 100 words (Not Prime Time)

Houdini & Doyle
The Statue's Wander, An incident where a statue was rumoured to have come alive attracts the interest of Harry, Arthur and Adelaide, rated G, 2257 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Clarity of Thought- Wilson comes to a solution for his current problem, rated PG,  596 words
The Changing of Me- dark themes, House thought he changed those around him to be more like him, but maybe it was the other way around, PG, 300 words

A Glimpse of the Patchwork Paths- Perception and reality do not always go hand in hand, especially when the one doing the perceiving is a Pathfinder, rated G, 1459 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Friendship: With a Restful Gaze- Some days Riley's job is easier than others, rated G, 1256 words ([community profile] yuletide)

In the Flesh
Yours I Will Be- Kieren/Simon, Simon and Kieren and a quiet evening, rated G, 1002 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Wide, Wide World- Shirley was a PDS Community Care Officer, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Into the Woods (Sondheim/Lapine)
A Life Made of Moments- "I was raised to be charming, not sincere.", rated G, 1063 words, rated G, 1063 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Jake 2.0
Time Not Exactly Wasted, But Not Well Spent, Jake was bored. Fortunately for him, Kyle was nearby. Whether or not Kyle considered that to be a good thing was another matter entirely, rated G, 1,836 words ([community profile] yuletide)

John Doe
The Colors Of My Life, Colors can mean a lot to a person, G, 100 words, ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Into the Badlands- What should have been a simple level one warrant turns into something much more dangerous than either Dutch or Johnny could have expected, rated G, 2634 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Legends (TV 2014)
Adrift Amid Covers- Martin knows who he is. He does. (He thinks.), rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

Checking In- Parker needed to be sure, G, 100 words
The Soup Side Job- Parker is sick. Eliot decides to do something about that, rated G, 207 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Lethal Weapon (TV)
Daedalus at Sunset, When things go wrong at the courthouse, Martin finds himself in the position to protect Trish. It's at a cost to himself, but one he doesn't mind paying, rated G, 2243 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Lessons and Limitations, Robbie Lewis knows he is not a smart man, rated G, 208 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

The Librarians (TV)
There Is a Me in Team, When Ezekiel and Jake are sent to recover a set of artifacts on their own things don't exactly go according to plan, rated G, 1377 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Life on Mars
Together Again- Celebrations are better when they're all together again, PG, 302 words (comment_fic)

The Losers
Shine a Quiet Light- All soldiers knew that even tiniest unexpected thing was capable of creating havoc during a mission. An earthquake was definitely unexpected, rated PG, 4272 words ([community profile] ante_up_losers)
Godzilla Makes an Omelet, Wherein everything goes wrong except the things that go right and eggs are broken but no omelets are made (except metaphorically), rated G, 1191 words ([community profile] yuletide)
A Strategic Retreat, Roque wanted coffee and nothing was going to stop him from getting it. Well, almost nothing, rated G, 481 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The View Past the Threshold is Up for Debate, Powers!AU, What should have been a simple mission turns into something more complicated than Cougar could have ever imagined, rated PG, 6021 words (ante_up_losers)
Bandaged Moments, When a mission goes badly Jensen pays the consequences and Cougar does not approve. rated PG, 2,763 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Threaded with Shadows and Light, The fact that Jensen woke Cougar up when he returned home in the middle of the night was not a surprise. However, the fact he was carrying a baby was, rated PG, 1841 words ([community profile] yuletide)
On Second Looks and Possible New Understandings, The mission went badly in a lot of ways, but might have gone completely right in another, rated G, 2025 words ([community profile] yuletide)
To Attempt a Breakaway, After being alone with Jensen for several days on an op, Cougar decides to take a risk and make his feelings known, rated G, 1897 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Ain't It Driving You Crazy, Jensen was trying to code. In theory, Cougar was sitting on the other end of the couch, ignoring him. In reality however..., rated PG, 647 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Road Ahead Beckoning Darkness, The combination of a Were, a witch and a warlock sounded like the beginning of a joke, not the solution to helping Jensen, especially when there was a blood demon thrown in for good measure, rated PG-13, 6814 words ([community profile] ante_up_losers)

Lucifer (TV)
Adventures in Small Human Sitting, Lucifer might not understand why the small human was so taken with him, but he did see the necessity in offering help when she needed it, rated G, 752 words ([community profile] yuletide)

The Dish Best Served Over and Over Again- Murdoc lived, that was what mattered, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Shining Son, Mac was a dad. Go figure, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Magnificent Seven
Matching Step For Step- Vin wasn't one to settle down, rated G, 356 words
A Simple Con- Ezra puts a simple con in play in order to aid Vin, rated G, 410 words
Longing, Any time at all, rated G, 100 words
An Education In Nature- Towns do not have everything, rated PG, 513 words ([community profile] mag7daybook)
"I'm Fine" And Other Annoyances And Exaggerations, Nathan had just about had enough, rated G, 523 words ([community profile] mag7daybook)
Choose Your Battles- Vin doesn't want to; Chris doesn't care, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Ain't Worth But A Word, A picture can be worth a thousand words, especially when so many words go unsaid, rated PG-13, 400 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Pushing Through the Darkness to the Other Side- There isn't much they can do other than wait and see, G, 500 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Sadness in the Silence- CNTW, Nathan can't save every patient, rated G, 268 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Attributes, Maude could make it work, rated G, 100 words (fic_promptly)

The Onus Of Responsibility- There are many things that we do, some that we have to, some that we want to, G, 545 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Cloudy With A Chance Of Something, part 1 (part 2), modern AU, As Albion's Sexiest Bachelor for four of the past five years Arthur could have anyone he wanted, but as it happened the one man he wanted was an oblivious baker named Merlin who had no idea who he was, PG-13, 14,388 words
The Fadings, The phenomenon known as The Fadings has always baffled scholars. What caused the world's colours to fade randomly? And why did they sometimes come back, only to fade again? rated PG, 7720
Wrought and Endured- More than a millennium had passed, but Merlin still remembers Arthur. At least, he's pretty sure he does, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] camelot_drabble)
Treasured and Stolen, Arthur/?, Moments such as these are infrequent, but treasured, rated R, 100 words ([community profile] camelot_drabble
Jealous Fire, past Arthur/Merlin, current Gwaine/Merlin, voyeurism, When Arthur broke things off he never expected Merlin to move on and now that Merlin has, Arthur's not sure how he feels about it, rated R, 459 words ([community profile] camelot_drabble)
Unmendable, Alone and broken is no way to live, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] camelot_drabble)
Forging Forward- They had been separate but, almost without realizing it, they had merged to become one, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Long Wait, The old man stood on the lake's shore, staring out at the water, rated G, 287 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Retrospective of Regret- Gwaine's done a lot of things in his life he's not proud of, none of which really mattered until suddenly it did, rated PG, 552 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

See NCIS post

New Amsterdam
He Dreamed- Be it a blessing or a curse he would not die until he found the person of his dreams, G, 404 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
A Place Called Home- John loved New York, he truly did. But..., rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
A Single Step- She did not know the name of the man who saved her, but she did hope he would be thankful after she repaid the favor, rated G, 417 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Original Fiction
The World Around Them- There are things going on that few ever see, rated PG, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Watching The World Around Them- (continuation/parallel look)There are things going on that few ever see, rated PG, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
The Test- It was time to see if she passed or failed, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Coming Of Age, The world seems different after one grows up, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
The Discovering One- She wanted to know, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
The Owl- Of all the animals in the seven valleys it is the owl that is most feared, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
The Artist's Lament, "No monster exists that cannot be made pleasing through art." rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
The Characters' Lament, They are his creations, only inhabiting the world for as long as he can write them into existence, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Pacific Rim
Revising and Reassessing, Considering recent events, Hannibal Chau makes a new business plan, rated G, 200 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo and [community profile] fan_flashworks)

Person of Interest
Awaiting Transmission, The waiting was always the hardest part, rated G, 239 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Plants vs Zombies (the game)
Rah Rah Boom Boom Kersplat, They never come to Crazy Dave for advice, but he gives it anyway, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Rivers of London (Ben Aaronovitch's book series)
The River's Flow, Father Thames looked back on his river and back on its history, rated G, 283 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Second Chance (TV)
Opportunities Abound, The future beckoned, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Secret Adventures of Jules Verne
Penance Unheeded, Devotion Unheard, Phileas has failed to keep Jules out of the hands of the League of Darkness. Again, PG, 1102 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Sesame Street
Decisions, Decisions, Cookie Monster loves them all, rated G, 142 words ([profile] great_tales)

Seven Days
The Perpetual Do-Over- Frank Parker sees the world as it is and as it was before he changed it. All in all, it can be a bit hard to take, rated G, 200 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

Sherlock Holmes
For all versions of Sherlock Holmes (BBC, book canon, movies, Elementary, Great Mouse Detective) see here

Sleepy Hollow
Moments Captured, Abbie known that there is a lot about her world that Ichabod Crane does not understand, rated G, 348 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Plans and Pies, Magic happened when you combined warm apple pie and cold ice cream, rated G, 223 words
The Mirror's Stranger- Abbie insists Ichabod undergo a sartorial transformation for a case. If clothes make the man, what does new clothes mean for Ichabod?, rated G, 1012 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
The Finger Trap, Sometimes Abbie feels like she's dealing with a toddler, not a grown man, rated G, 489 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Welcome to the Department, Ichabod Crane- Devon Jones was a live and let live kind of guy, especially when it came to the department's new consultant, Ichabod Crane. His partner however? Well, Luke Morales thought differently. Set shortly after Luke receives the call from Oxford affirming Ichabod's identity, rated PG-13, 3032 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Unknown Similarities- Abbie and Jenny find some common ground between them, rated G, 480 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Comrade in Arms- Ichabod and Abbie have to spend the night together and they're both perfectly okay with that, rated G, 1052 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Stargate Atlantis
Being There- Ronon teaches Sheppard that there are some things friends don't let friends face alone, rated G, 580 words
Lightning Dances- When Atlantis talks, Sheppard listens, rated G, 274 words (also here)
Patches of Kindness- Teyla is touched by John's actions, rated G, 220 words (also here)
Hidden Heroism- Sometimes strengths can turn into weaknesses, rated PG, 1847 words
Rude Awakenings- Sheppard's a little mad when he wakes up, rated G, 446 words (LFWS round#1- also here)
More Than Just The Mess Hall- Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference, rated G, 500 words (LFWS round#2- also here)
Sweet Serenade- Sometimes it's the little things that make a difference, rated G, 467 words (LFWS round #3- also here)
The Things We Do For Our Teammates- Teyla's condition puts John in a little bit of a bind, rated G, 400 words (LFWS round#4- also here)
The Wait- Rodney chastises Ronon for saving him, rated G, 400 words (LFWS round #5- also here)
Just Another Day - It had been a long time since Ronon had been part of a team like this, G, 400 words (LFWS round#7)
Recess, Atlantis Style- Kolya wasn't going to get away in his attempts to rule the playground, G, 1476 words
Cloudy With a Chance of Coffee- Weather isn't normally this unpredictable, especially inside Atlantis, G, 2365 words
Teyla Too Tactless- An ancient device causes Teyla to be blunter than usual, G, 786 words (cliche_bingo fic)
Rodney's Little List- ART, pre-McKay/Sheppard, McKay was going to figure Sheppard out, rated G (cliche_bingo fic)
Simply Irresistible- Rodney runs into a little problem off world, G, 774 words (cliche_bingo fic)
Monkey Business- There was nothing funny at all, rated G, 1058 words (written for [community profile] sga_genficathon)
Tales of the Unexpected- Sheppard tells the tale of how he arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy. Or, at least, he tries to, G, 1009 words [community profile] sga_genficathon
Those Who Stay- Some leave Atlantis, others stay, rated PG, 200 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)
Looming Statue, Ronon loomed, rated G, 100 words (fic_promptly)

Stargate: SG1
Footsteps- Nicholas Ballard loved and missed his grandson, G, 547 words (cliche_bingo fic)

Stargate: Universe
Cohesion- A card game may have the answer Young was hoping for, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)
Acceptance- Colonel Young goes to see Lieutenant Scott after the events of "Air" while Scott is still recuperating and learns some things about his Lieutenant, rated G, 496 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Knowing- Ben's a cop. Period. End of story, G, 100 words
What It Takes- As a training officer Cooper thought he'd seen it all, G, 100 words
Cleaning Up- John/Ben, After a day of garbage runs there is only one way to get clean, R, 100 words
Between Them- John/Ben, John and Ben could say a lot to each other without ever uttering a word, R, 200 words
Dinner and a Show- Cooper and Sherman's dinner break wasn't as relaxing as they hoped it would be, PG, 567 words (cliche_bingo fic)
Luck- Cops tend to only have one kind of luck. Bad luck, rated PG, 206 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Daily Lessons- John is a training officer, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)

See SPN post

Teen Wolf
Control, Or Lack Thereof, warnings for eating disorders, Stiles develops a way to deal whenever things start to spin out of control. It isn't healthy, but it works, rated PG, 2731 words
Frozen Moments- Three photographs, three moments in time, rated G, 421 words ([profile] fullmoon_ficlet)
The Unseen Ache and Unintended Wounding- The sheriff loves his son, he just doesn't love the lies. Stiles, meanwhile, doesn't want to lie to his dad, he just loves him too much to tell the truth, rated G, 200 words ([profile] fullmoon_ficlet)
Normalcy and the Eye of the Beholder, Stiles is well aware that all teens have problems, his are just different than most, rated G, 216 words ([profile] fullmoon_ficlet)
Bitter Dregs, Sometimes Sheriff Stilinski felt useless, as both a sheriff and a father, rated G, 1808 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Acquiescent Desires, It's all that he has ever wanted, but nothing that he should actually have, rated G, 304 words ([profile] fullmoon_ficlet)
The Aftereffects When Alone in the Dark (The Not Okay Remix), The nogistune may be gone, but its influence isn't, rated G, 1023 words ([community profile] remixers_lounge)
Hot Water, Hot Times- Stiles was showering, Derek was 'helping', rated M, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Time Lost and Left Behind- Rafael McCall's son grew up without him noticing, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] fic_promptly)

The Big Bang Theory
The Future Request Clarification, Sheldon makes an unusual request, rated G, 414 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

The Great Mouse Detective
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The Muppet Show
After the Curtain- Work didn't end when the curtain came down, G, 1004 words ([community profile] yuletide)

The Pushcart War
The Pushcart Queen- The Pushcart War lasted only four months, but it changed Alice Myles' life forever, rated G, 1192 words ([community profile] yuletide)

The Usual Suspects
That Which We Weave- All good stories have a basis in fact, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

One Of Those Days- This was turning out to be one of those days, G, 100 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

Be Not Resigned, They may have stopped Flynn's most recent plan, but that didn't mean their mission was over, rated G, 1878 words ([community profile] yuletide)

See Torchwood post or non-team, Jack-centric fics post.

Warehouse 13
Truth Or Dare- Pete was bored, G, 559 words (cliche_bingo fic)

Welcome to Night Vale
Cecil's Walk- How Cecil looks depends on who is doing the looking, rated G, 540 words
The Internship, Dana was so excited when she got the news.,rated G, 305 words ([community profile] consci_fan_mo)

White Collar
Lost And Found- Peter and Neal are asked to look into a unusual case at the Frick museum, only to learn that things are not what they seem, rated G, 5240 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Double Favor- Neal is unable to say no when he finds his abilities in demand, rated G, 907 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Pear-Shaped- When Neal suggests a case all does not go according to plan, rated G, 1008 words ([community profile] yuletide)
The Vigil- Peter waits and worries, rated G, 485 words ([community profile] yuletide)
For Elizabeth -Neal knows Peter, perhaps too well, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] whitecollar100)
Stay- Spoilers for 1x14, Peter caught up with Neal before he boarded the plane, but what's next?, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] whitecollar100)
Heat Wave- Peter/El pairing, Living without air conditioning can be rough, PG, 100 words ([community profile] fan_flashworks)
Everyday a New Day, Peter/Neal/El, Peter couldn't be happier, rated PG, 100 words (fic_promptly)

Wild Wild West
The Night of the Captured Agent- Jim had managed to get himself out of worse situations than this before, he could get out of this one, couldn't he?, rated G, 1183 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Without a Clue
The Extended Run- After achieving rave reviews from critics near and far, Reginald Kincaid continues his role as Sherlock Holmes, rated G, 1478 words ([community profile] yuletide)
Found Families- The parts they play changed as time went on, rated G, 100 words ([community profile] yuletide)

Mystery Work- [community profile] yuletide fandom, simply because, rated G, 112 words ([community profile] yuletide)