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I was scrolling around tumblr when I came across a FANART / ficrec combo for one of my fics!!!

Cloudy With a Chance of Something by donutsweeper

↳ “As Albion’s Sexiest Bachelor for four of the past five years Arthur could have anyone he wanted, but as it happened the one man he wanted was an oblivious baker named Merlin who had no idea who he was."

So excited!!!!!!

updated coverart
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Title: Texts Received and Unanswered
Sherlock BBC, no warnings, rated G
Word Count: 100. Art screencap post.

 Sherlock preferred to text. Usually.
Author's Note: Written for watsons_woes August Amnesty prompt #4, Epistolary fic, post-it note style.

Texts Received and Unanswered
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As I mentioned earlier, I won [ profile] yuletide_squee's contest for posting the most comments on Yuletide fics before the reveal (nearly 100).

I asked Sirothello (go check out her stuff, it's amazing) if she could draw a picture of Sherlock and his daemon Dagany (from my HDM/Sherlock crossovers Preparing For Change, Haunting Laughter and The Kitchen Equation) and LOOK!!!


I think I must write more in this verse to celebrate. Any requests/thoughts/suggestions?

eta- oh, and does anyone have the photoshop skills to turn it into an icon?
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Title: The Road To Recovery Addendum, aka, The Scrapbook Sherlock Would Never Admit He Owns
Sherlock BBC, none, rated G
Word Count: art fill
Summary: He kept the notes.
Author's Note: Written for the [ profile] watsons_woes amnesty prompts wherein 10 fics are written for 10 prompts and all are part of the same story arc. This is the tenth story, for the prompt "Epistolary fic, post-it note style." They did ask for post-it notes afterall...

cut to save flists )
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Title: Rodney's Little List
SGA fandom, pre-McKay/Sheppard, rated G
Summary: McKay was going to figure Sheppard out
Author's Note: Written for my [ profile] cliche_bingo card, found here.

Click picture for link
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The Wonderifficly wise [ profile] _medley_ has used her incredible skills to create art for Telepathic Talks.

Come see!! )
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The amazingly talented [ profile] rustydog made a sketch of the transmorgraphied Torchwood team from The Menagerie.

Go see and tell her how wonderful it is!!!!

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Title: The Menagerie
Pairing/Warning/Rating: none, rated G
Word Count: 439
Beta: [ profile] _medley_ 
Summary: Things go a bit awry for Jack, Tosh, Owen and Gwen after a piece of alien technology is activated.
Author's Note: Written for day sixteen of [ profile] consci_fan_mo. Now with ART by the amazing rustydog!!


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Title: Games of Days Gone By
Pairing/Warning/Rating: none, rated G
Word Count: 459
Beta: [ profile] mad_jaks 
Summary: In the future, a piece of Torchwood Three is rediscovered.
Author's Note: Written for day nine of [ profile] consci_fan_mo 

Accompanying art, can be found here.  Click.  If you dare.

Read more... )
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No one but [ profile] the_dark_side will probably get it, but since I made it with her in mind, that's probably okay....

because it just seemed *right*

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The inaugural posting to [ profile] donutville!  A joint venture by the wonderiffic [ profile] _medley_ and myself.

Title: Torchwood Bulletin Board

Artist: [ profile] _medley_ 
Author: [ profile] donutsweeper 

Go see!!!

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Look at this great sketch of Owen!Monkey from my most recent crack!fic!   There's even alt!verse genderswitched Jack in the background!

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I can't believe I forgot to post this earlier!  Everyone look at the amazing drawing [personal profile] rustydog  made for my drabble "The Stray"

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Isn't it grand?

Thanks and donuts (of all forms) to the wonderful  [community profile] morgynleri_fic!!!
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In honor of my 100th story (well, 102nd, since we missed the 100 mark somehow) [personal profile] mad_jaks made me this wonderific icon!!!  Thank you!!!!
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everyone look and see what the amazing [personal profile] matsujo9 made for me!!!!

eta- this came about as a result of this thread where [profile] fandom_me is trying to break LJ's comment accepting ability.  Come and play with us over there!
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The wonderfully amazingly talented [profile] _medley_  created this beautiful art for my SGA/TW crossover Charming the Pants off the Pashahads

go HERE to tell her how great it is!!!
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I just have to say that [personal profile] baffledking is the most awsome, amazing person in the whole world for making me this.

May your donuts always be blessed.


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